Questions I Still Have – #NaPoWriMo Day Nine

Was I a plaster

you slapped on

to cover the burns

left by your family?

Something temporary,

to hide the harm.


Was he water?

More than you’d seen

all in one place

and so inviting

you were willing

to drown.


Did you lose me

on purpose?

Or did the currents

just pull us apart?


Either way,

did you notice

that I was gone?

napo2019button1 (1)


  1. The questions that are left when love leaves. They are some of the hardest. Excellent write! One point- you may want to look at the first stanza. Is your supposed to be you, in the line ‘your slapped on?’


  2. Very interesting take on the prompt; liked it–dark and sad, yet stoic and proud. I did have some gender confusion. If the narrator is female, /Is He water?/ seems to suggest the boyfriend is attracted to another man. Makes for a different kind of love poem.


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