In Quest Of An Answer #WeekendWritingPrompt

‘Well it’s certainly…’

Amanda trailed off.

‘I know right,’ said Thomas. He rocked back on his heels and grinned at the stack of chairs teetering upwards to beyond the cloud-line. ‘I had to impress you otherwise how would I get you to say yes.’

‘Yes?’ Amanda squeaked. ‘Yes to what?’

Thomas’ turned his grin on her.

‘Oh you know.’

Amanda swallowed.

‘So,’ said Thomas. ‘What do you say?’

‘I…’ She stepped away, stumbled. Her hand caught the stack.’


Thomas leapt past her, the tower already teetering.

It went down.

‘No,’ said Amanda, examining Thomas’ limp hand beneath the rubble. ‘It was always no.’


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