Walking These City Streets #DVersePoetics

We walk till our soles protests

at every stop-sign

and crossing place.

Like stitch splitting

when you slow for breath,

the burn thickens.


We are far from home,

further still from familiar,

so we cannot pause

on this side-street,

or linger on a corner place

as we might do elsewhere.


We can stretch our steps,

gnash the concrete paves

into cobbles

and pathways.

Break highways down

to track.



over the ache beneath

onto older ground.

Learn how to read


of new landmarks.


Wander until this is home.



  1. So evocative — from the very beginning with those protesting soles to the reassurances brought about by a landmark, this poem speaks to me, both in its physicality as well as its metaphorical reach. The last line captures that hope and wish of reaching there beautifully.


  2. Evocative sensory experience that you have woven here. I echo what Anmol says about the aching feet in the beginning to gaining reassurance with a recognized landmark.


  3. I love the way this poem just strides out, Carol, pushes itself and the reader until ‘the burn thickens’. You’ve used sound to great effect in the lines:
    ‘gnash the concrete paves
    into cobbles
    and pathways.
    Break highways down
    to track’
    and I like the idea of learning ‘how to read reassurances of new landmarks’. I might have to if we move.


  4. I was hooked, like Kim with the/gnash the concrete paves into cobbles/. There was a nice sense of dread, drenched in the unknown, with a palpable sigh when your own neighborhood appeared.


  5. This is incredibly evocative! ❤️ I especially love the way you incorporate sounds in “gnash the concrete paves into cobbles and pathways. Break highways down to track.” 🙂


  6. OK, so this is obviously a walk through a city, but when I got to the end I realised it’s also about building a relationship – the tentative start, the building of familiarity, joint memories.

    I like it a lot.


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