Wrung Out

Today is a tumble dryer day,

where I fall from the drum

crumpled, creased, confused,

humming with static,

limbs limp with heat,

and one sharp shock

from folding altogether.


I have finally decided on a name for the collection of poems that I’m planning on publishing at the end of this year.

All In The Blood.

I’ve written so much about myself and my family that it seemed like an apt name. Now all I need to do is finalise the poems, the order, the cover art, and the publication date.



  1. Kudos for the grit and courage to self publish; a route most poets take today. I considered ,on line Amazon printing, but the unedited books presented there were poor company to keep.


  2. Like the crisp, clear style you bring to this Carol and look forward to reading you on a wider selection of themes – so your new collection makes perfect sense to me! I would say you were ready… So good for you and hope all goes well…


  3. Carol, This is marvelous. I like the wording and the concept. It resonated with me.
    These are my favorite lines,
    “crumpled, creased, confused,
    humming with static,”
    Good luck on your book.


  4. I like the dryer drum idea. Haven’t we all been there at one time or another!! Great write. Good luck on your publishing exploits!


    1. The plan is to self-publish through amazon. The collection will be about fifty poems long (forty three have been written and currently getting edited/polished), and I have a couple of friends who are helping me to edit and proof the manuscript. Once I’m happy that it’s ready (probably about autumn) I’ll start looking for reviewers to send some copies to and launch it at a few poetry nights around the UK. (At least that’s the plan)


  5. I really like this poem; it puts me in mind of a jumpsuit or similar garment having arms and legs coming out of the dryer. A person put through that experience (and I can imagine a few events which would feel that way) would probably feel much worse than the garment.

    Congratulations on the book; I like the title. I put together a booklet with a title page and 39 pages of my favorite poems which I have printed and given to a number of people, but I have yet to work up the courage to think about publishing an actual book.


    1. I self published twenty odd poems about five years ago. I cringe to look at them now but it taught me a fair bit about self publishing.
      Your booklet sounds like a lovely gift though.


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