Without Roots We Rot – #DVersePoets

You spend so much time

picking petals.


Pretending enough

will make a flower

of your own.


If you’d spent as long

studying the structure,

stem, stamen, stigma,

you might have seen.




Instead of stolen petals

you could have grown

a garden.


Not as easy maybe,

but more beautiful

than you know.


Flowering Mindscape- J.Hurlbert

Tonight, the bartender at DVersePoets has thrown us some beautiful pieces of artwork to inspire poems. I highly recommend checking the rest of the piece out as they are all incredibly thought provoking.



    1. Thank you. I loved all the images that we had to choose from, I almost went with the ravens as I started thinking about Odin and wisdom but I came back to this after another scroll through. Wonderful thought provoking pieces.


    1. Thank you. It was a nice poem to write. Trying to write my last few poems for the collection is proving challenging (I think because the end is now in sight) so Dverse offered a nice palette cleanser.


  1. I just love this – for me it captures the feeling this picture has for me although your idea and words are as fresh as the garden you envision. Besides the words I very much liked their arrangement on the page. Enjoyed the whole package very much!


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