A Life Like Helios #DVersePoets #Quadrille

I followed your path,

at a distance.

You like the sun,

or any volatile star

burning a streak

towards the horizon.

A scorching vision

to those of us

watching, waiting.


that you would set

before us.

Terrified of dusk.

Sensing its arrival




  1. Geez, Carol…I find myself reading this on a couple of levels, toying with the reality that I am in the dusk of life and, you know, it’s okay. I love how poetry can surprise us so often.


    1. I love how it evokes such a varied set of views. I think the quadrille challenge has really improved my poetry over the last year and a bit. It’s one of those where less quite often is more.


  2. I had a strong sense of otherworldliness Carol. An extraterrestrial encounter – or perhaps that is the scifi freak in me speaking. I really liked it!


  3. I thought of those people I’ve met who have burned too bright, and burned themselves out. The people who are wonderful and yet terrifying at the same time. It’s very atmospheric.


  4. Those volatile stars burning streaks towards the horizon can be fatal, Carol, especially if you’re in a relationship with them. I love how you’ve captured the inevitable in the final lines.


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