Some Days – Modern #LovePoem No. 3… I Think

Some days I don’t need a husband

I need scaffolding.

So I can tend to the broken,

the busted windows

the cracking paint,

the guttering that doesn’t drain

when the rain comes in

and all the sediment

circling the drain

but never quite clearing.

Some days I need that from you,

and nothing more.


  1. Harsh words, but tough love. At some point romance is trumped by a clogged toilet for sure.

  2. Hah. I wrote about this:

    You were just a placeholder,
    building resentment
    because our lives were filled with boring stuff
    like fixing doors
    and changing light bulbs.

  3. LOVE the title juxtaposed with the first two lines: I think some days I don’t need a husband, I need scaffolding. So much in those words…..what is broken….are those gutters and sediment metaphors for the sins, the roadblocks and problems…perhaps broken trusts?

  4. I just had a feeling that someone would be channeling Dorothy Parker soon, her ghost has been slipping around disarmingly around my brain for a little while. I think she found you, because she couldn’t get me to listen. Oh well…, lucky for you.
    Really, this is great, a tender mix of humor when read directly, and when all the stuff needing fixing read as metaphor, emotionally wrenching. Nice Job Ms Carol Dorothy J Parker Forrester. 😉

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