Home Bird – #DVersePoetics

These wings don’t go far,

or high much.

They rustle the leaves

in the hedge

when summer sits about,

the branches

when summer has flit south.


There is something to be said

for roots over wings.

For a spot to return to

each time,

when it’s warm or cold

and I don’t want

to go far or high very much.




    1. Thank you Bjorn. I actually began by thinking about the robin I see outside work each day and the oddity of only really associating them with Christmas and winter despite seeing they all year round.


  1. The perspective of this poem is perfect, Carol! I love the way the wings ‘rustle the leaves in the hedge’ and the lines:
    ‘There is something to be said
    for roots over wings.
    For a spot to return to’.
    I get that! My husband has just flown off to Germany for a few days, while I’m staying at home with the cats, my books and poetry. I don’t need to fly anywhere.


    1. Thank you Beverly. I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded my small birds and also birds of prey on my parents farm so the variety and sometime simplicity of nature is something I have always adored.


    1. Thank you. I’ve been told by a friend to focus a little more on what form I’m writing in so I tried working that advice in a little and keep it to two, short, tight stanzas of equal length.


    1. I always been a home bird to be honest. I think part of it is having control over my environment but a lot of it has to do with having my own place for the last three years and turning into somewhere that I really enjoy being.


  2. So much synchronicity out here. My wife has been in Eastern Europe for a couple of weeks. I’m the home bird with poetry, photography and movies.


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