Upon A Crossroads – #DVerse #Prosery

Anya stared until the black whorls on her arms blurred together.

Then she blinked and they were just as clear as ever.

‘Removing them won’t help,’ said Rowen. He dropped his weight beside her and slung his arms across the back of the park bench. She felt him run his thumb across her shoulder. ‘You can’t change the past Anya.’

She swallowed around the anger rising in her throat. Some days it filled her so full it was as if she would explode and take the whole world with her. Some days that seemed like a good idea.

‘Then what am I meant to do?’

Rowen shrugged.

‘You will learn to love again the stranger who was yourself,’ he said.

Anya’s knuckles whitened.

‘And what does that mean?’

He shrugged again.

‘It means we all change kiddo, accept it and learn to love it.’


Written for DVersePoets Prosery prompt. 144 word flash fiction story, incorporating the line ‘You will learn to love again the stranger who was yourself’ by poet Derek Walcott.

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  1. Nice one, Carol! My kind of story. I want to know where the black whorls come from and what they mean, especially with the anger that ‘filled her so full it was as if she would explode and take the whole world with her’. I like the contrast of the black whorls and her white knuckles.


  2. A well written tale, leaving us with the mystery of the black whorls. “Accept it and learn to love it” ?? Hmmm


  3. Nice one Carol, she certainly needs the encouragement of a friend, she seems very intense
    Happy Monday



  4. okay…I want to learn more about her! His use of the word “kiddo” makes it seem like a flippant retort and that he doesn’t much care about her. She seems a disturbed person without someone to listen. Doesn’t bode well.


  5. This is a story that made me think about the choices she has has in front of her… we seems to have been thinking about similar things, though your reference to something I almost feel is a werewolf myth really made me think.

    It made me think of the song Werewolf by Cocorosie


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