Cat Nap #DVersePoetics

Belly stretched bare to sun,

these hands could be paws

when fingers curl in to palms,

padding softly,

or soft patter

of rain on skin,

water caught in  fur

till I shrug free this coat

and the weight

of me

trapped inside of it.



  1. Ah, that is a cool exploration — I certainly hope to take such cat naps; they look so relaxed and carefree. That ending is a gem — “the weight of me” is a wonderful way of putting it.

  2. Projection can be rewarding with a cat. Maggie the Cat is Tennessee Williams version of same. Witches and wizards are wise in the ways of felinedom. I was a dog guy until my first live-in girlfriend brought her cat. Our Tom was 18 last year when we put him down. I tear up at the sound of his name–Keezie Moto.

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