Playing With Polyptotons #DVersePoets

Slipping I slipped deeper

on every word you spoke,

caught up in the letters

like giants and their fingers

pinioned and pyloned

at the edges of my reason,

they made a fence

around my certainty.

Territorial of territory

you deemed dangerous

you became guard dog


All teeth and snarl

when I made to leave.

Or maybe that was me

biting the hand

at my collar…



  1. I especially liked this polyptoton: “Territorial of territory” right at the center of the poem.

    I also like the ending which makes the reader wonder who was biting. And the thought of having “a fence

    around my certainty”.


  2. Great use of polyptotons, Carol, and a painful read for those of us who have been in a relationship with a controlling partner. I like the twist in the ending and the phrase ‘biting the hand at my collar’.


  3. Type A narcissists come in both sexes and all colors. You rocked the prompt, and gave a clear message…be true to thy self.


  4. Wow! This has such an amazing ending….”biting the hand at my collar” —-
    You became a guard dog reversed….
    These words really speak of a disturbing relationship.


  5. Wonderful last line. This is such a perfect description of the impossibility of engaging with reasonable unreasoning – frustrating, infuriating and potentially very frightening. Impressive.


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