Blood Always Comes With Birth #WeekendWritingPrompt

How even when we whispered it

there was someone shushing

our small mouths

with calloused fingers.

Pressing the words back inside

as if they were Ouranos

horror struck but what we birthed

in those terrible, unspeakable words.

Filling our bellies

with ideas we were not allowed

to give life to.

Until we burst from the ineffable

and held it screaming

before their faces.

Made them look

at what we’d made.




      1. I have to tell you it is such a wonderful read. If it doesn’t do well on the blog, I don’t even know what to tell you…


        1. Thank you again. It seems to be doing okay. I was referring more to the fact that when I write poems for the blog, the ones I really love don’t often tend to do as well as the ones I’m less sure about. I seem to have a really backwards judgement of my own work.


          1. I do know what you mean…
            And it’s funny because the ones I right that I find “meh” are often ones that get the best comments. I guess I have no idea of what I’m doing 😉


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