Leftovers #DVersePoetics

If I was my mother,

and you were a horse,

I would not wrap the lead

into my fist

as we walk the track

with their ruined nissan huts

patch up by ivy,

so we can’t see through

the hollow sockets

of broken windows

to the emptiness inside,

always emptiness inside,

and always me with a fist

of lead

to draw you closer

to heel

in case the emptiness

is not what it seems.


  1. Very deep, rife with maternal stress and frustration. I see it as a letter to your children, who will inherit a world they did not make.


    1. It’s really interesting how many people have linked this to motherhood while I was actually remembering walking the family dog past the old world war two buildings crumbling around my parent’s farm.


  2. The veiled sense of threat in the emptiness that might not be what it seems- as it moves from inside the ruins to inside the person, the striving for some sort of control by clutching the dog’s lead tightly, the overwhelming persistent delapidation that sprang from violence, still the clutching tighter, still the uncertainty, the threat, the emptiness. This is beautiful and disconcerting and spot on for the prompt. the emptiness staring back at us until it is inside us. Ghosts of past and present.


  3. Wonderful….the way the thoughts seem to take a walk along with you until the ending which is thought provoking, even a bit eerie.


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