In The Dark Of Things #DVersePoets #Prosery

‘Eddie! Stay awake!’

‘Ah- what the’ Eddie flinched forward, the back of his skull throbbing where it had cracked against heating pipes. ‘Come on Gripes,’ he groaned. ‘What’s your problem.’

‘You know what!,’ Gripes scowled. He was crouched down in front of Eddie, his phone light throwing his shadow along the length of the corridor.. ‘His shadow shouts on a nightmare scream, remember! You go to sleep and we’re both in big trouble.’

‘That’s just a story Gripes. No one believes it.’

The torch on Gripes phone flickered. Eddie plucked it out of his hands and switched it off.

Darkness swallowed Gripes’ face, but Eddie could smell his breath.

‘Erg mate, you need to lay off the cheese and onion.’

The darkness stayed quite but Gripes’ breathing picked up. He placed his hand on Eddie’s knee.

‘Ed,’ he whispered. ‘You need to wake up!’





  1. Very well done! Everyone out here on the trail are hitting home runs tonight. It’s like watching several episodes of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS, with a touch of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, where I’d place your piece. Ed will wake, but the question is to what?


  2. This is a bit of a puzzle within an enigma within a conundrum. What happens after the knee touch, we’re all lost in imagination!


  3. I am confused, is Gripez and Eddie 2 enterties or one in the other. Or left to my opining

    Be safe



  4. I enjoyed your eerie two-hander, Carol, and agree with Björn about the use of dialogue. I also like the way you used the prompt line, which suggests to me that the characters are on a dare in a haunted house, a legend of a ghost that haunts your dreams., and the cliffhanger – what happens to Eddie and Gripes?


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