Grumpy Hobbit Takes A Stab At Being Political

Tescos ran out of loo rolls and soapboxes.

Stay-at-home politicians with keyboards and opinions

screeching their how-to, quick-fix slogans.

Have you not been told?

Fake it till you make it means everyone’s an expert.

No one wants to say,

we’re all just fucking lost.


I’ll just slink back off to my grump little hobbit hole. Rant over in just forty-four words.


  1. It’s just been a mess, hasn’t it? Nobody seems to be able to sort out the practicalities, it’s all talk and no real action, except for the NHS and other people on the frontline. We really are all just fucking lost.


  2. I love this question which really seems the crux of the matter: “Have you not been told?” As if we all must wait for someone to deliver something–but the ones with the soapboxes just babble their “quick-fix slogans.”


    1. Fear often makes us look for leadership, but it can also drive us to tear those leaders down if we feel failed by them. Not always fairly. (Not making any comments on the current political climate. Just a personal view on politics in general.)


    1. Indeed there is, but I wouldn’t define expert as a person who knows everything about a subject, but someone who has taken the time and effort to learn all that can about something and has a confident understanding of the topic. It’s why experts in history tend to have such narrow research fields.


  3. I think we’re so used to having answers and quick fixes, that we can’t imagine that sometimes there aren’t any. The energy then turns to blame, scrutiny and calls for action, etc. Humans have been through so much worse in history. We are f’n spoiled….(ahem, since we’re dropping those today 😉


    1. Yeah, I normally avoid swearing in my poetry as I’m not sure it generally adds to the poem, however it seemed to fit for this one.
      I often find the quick fix is never as straight forward as you first think.


  4. Sometimes I think the whole teleological purpose of being here, if there is one, includes being lost, otherwise we would have no perspective as to what the true stakes of this life are, and without a sense of the stakes would not have a chance at having a clue as to what it means to love, and what would life be without that? So cheers to being fucking lost! 🙂 As long as we don’t lose hold of what is truly at stake here? dunno. Love your grumpy hobbit side. Is my comment longer than the quadrille itself? Is that even allowed? again, dunno. 😉


    1. Haha, there’s no limits on comments so I wouldn’t worry about it. Being lost is part of the human condition as you say. I wish more people would be able to accept it as normal rather than fighting against it tooth and nail.


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