Is This Deity A Goddess Or Witch?

I tried swearing at the garden pond,

to see if I could goad a water witch

into dredging herself up at at ’em

with enough pissed off vengeance

to take at least one body down.

I wasn’t decided on who I wanted,

squealing in her webbed, wet grip.

Half-thought if she came I’d go,

grab her right back with both hands,

test to see if she tasted stagnant,

or like spring water breaking free

after centuries underground.





  1. I hadn’t heard of the “water witch”; nice take on vengeance. Not being a strong swimmer, I’m always afraid as I swim in deep dark water.


    1. Water witch is more of a generalised term for certain characters from folklore linked to water. I’m not a bad swimmer, but I don’t like the idea of swimming in open water. I prefer to be able to see the bottom and extent of the body of water I’m in, and to be able to see exactly what else is in it!


  2. I love this garden dowse. Who is trancing who, and should she nurse or hearse! Such deliberations attend the making of every poem, I think.


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