Red Lipped Garden #DVersepoets #Quadrille

Despite the hosing,
stems still cling to their cobwebs.
Strands draped between limbs,
threads quivering in a threat to untangle.
Roses grow thirsty again in a moment,
stripped out of their petals
heat caught up on their thorns.
A lessening, in want of more.



The Rosebush outside my kitchen window. 


  1. At first read, I thought you’d mentioned spider webs….which can come to a garden space. But I see here, they are cobwebs…..Droughts and heatwaves do indeed play havoc with gardens.


  2. Beautifully written and vivid. I can feel the heat coming off from these lines, or maybe that’s just the current heat wave here. I can imagine how in need of water those flowers would be, though!


    1. We’ve had some wet days prior to the heat, so most of my plants have done okay. I’ve killed my hanging baskets, unfortunately I don’t have my grandmother’s dedication for high maintenance plants.


  3. This is incredibly incredibly exquisite, Carol! ❤️ I love; “Roses grow thirsty again in a moment,” the poem in its entirety can be interpreted in several ways!


  4. “A lessening, in want of more.” Oh the simplicity of that sears. This summer has been brutal to flora and fauna, but at least fauna can go find water.


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