My Lady Sky

She traces after the sun,

runs her hand along an arc

of warmth left behind.

Scatters clouds into fragments,

dips into the depth of herself,

the swell of an expanse unmeasured,

often mistaken for shallow

by craned necked mouths staring

at her empty fullness.

Written for tonight’s Quadrille prompt where the word was ‘sky’. Not sure what I’ve written exactly, but it’s forty-four words so we’re going with it.


  1. Lady Sky…..making the sky not only human, but female as well….and running her hand along that arc…that is just the right feminine detail for me.


  2. This is so lovely. I love the lines about being thought shallow, but full, and how she
    “dips into the depth of herself,
    the swell of an expanse unmeasured,”


  3. I love your feminine personification of the sky, Carol, the way she ‘runs her hand along an arc of warmth’ and ‘dips into the depth of herself’ and the wonderful oxymoron of ‘her empty fullness’.


  4. This is something I need to share with my fellow writers here at dVerse. I so enjoy reading the work that you create and post, and am genuinely honored to be embraced as a part of this community of poets. May we all find healing in these challenging times. And as a true aquarian love child, and also a proud flower child of the 60’s, who truly believed then we would some day change the world to be a better place for all, and still believes that we might yet do it — I wish each of you peace, health, and love. Write on!


  5. I wonder why anyone could be bored with the sky above to see and be entranced by. I know that as a kid i quite liked lying on the grass and see is speeding ovehead. Sshh! Don’t tell but in my 80’s I sometimes still do that now!


    1. I went out about a month back and lay on decking to watch the night sky. It was too hot and there was thunder behind the clouds. I’ve never been one for meditation, so it’s the closest I come to simply being in the place where I am.


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