Fox In The Hen House – A Poem By Carol J Forrester #DVersePoets

Their heads bob like drinking birds,
of course, of course, of course.
Necks pulled up from their collar bones.
I have never seen throats so open
as when your snout is at their jugular
the gleam on bright white teeth
masked by sheer magnetism.

Tonight’s quadrille prompt had me a little stumped to begin with. Then I started writing about iron filings, got stuck fifteen words in, and wrote this quadrille instead. I even got to bring out one of my own sketches to use for the feature image.


  1. Wonderful character study. First thought was Ted Bundy, but not totally his MO. Dexter is more aligned with the fox, especially in the first season with his box of morning donuts. This poem could be written by Dokes 🙂 (Apologies if you don’t know who Bundy, Dexter, and Dokes are.)


  2. You never cease to amaze me with your use of language, gorgeously potent 🙂 I especially love; “I have never seen throats so open as when your snout is at their jugular.” This quadrille sings! 😍 😍


  3. We had a stray dog in 1953, and the neighbor raised chickens. One night our dog got in and killed 100 chickens. The neighbor did not force us to pay, but we had to shoot the dog. I was 9 years old, and it traumatized me.


  4. Nature rules and it isn’t always pretty. As graphic as this line is, I like the perspective…
    “I have never seen throats so open
    as when your snout is at their jugular”


  5. The bobbing heads…..felt/seen in the repetition of of course.
    WOW. If you were sitting next to me you would have heard and audible WOW escape my lips at the end of reading this. Your imagery to describe this scene is fantastic!


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