Jörmungandr – A Poem By Carol J Forrester

I’ll start at the toes,
and not quite in joint
with one another.

Pause around the ankles.
Suckle them
like gobstoppers
to the marrow.

Crunch shin and calf,
ravish thighs
till the fat glistens
along my jawbone.

Pick the pelvis clean,
pop each ovary
between thumb
and forefinger.

Still juicy and ripe.

Pull intestines,
lungs, liver, heart,
kidneys free.
Mince into a pie.

Portion each breast
out with the cuts
to ensure a moist

Lick the remains clean
from each finger.
Grind the bones
between my teeth.

Leave one hand for eyeballs,
seasoned tongue
tastes a lot like ox,
ears more like bacon.

At the end,
begin again.

With Halloween just a couple of days away, I thought I’d share one of the more monstrous poems from my poetry collection, ‘It’s All In The Blood’ which sounds like a much darker collection when associated with this poem on its own.


  1. Mmmmm…Delicious!
    I got here as quickly as I could to experience this again. The page does your live presentation justice.


  2. I was concentrating on the reading and didn’t recognise the poem until I saw it on my screen. I have It’s All In The Blood on my Kindle, and dip into it from time to time. Your reading gave it an extra monstrous quality, Carol! My favourite lines for sound and yuckiness are:
    ‘Pause around the ankles.
    Suckle them
    like gobstoppers
    to the marrow’
    ‘Pick the pelvis clean,
    pop each ovary
    between thumb
    and forefinger.’


    1. Thank you Kim, it’s really lovely to hear that you like the book. I really enjoy preforming this poem mostly because of the horrified looks from people who’ve never met me before.


  3. OH this is a creepy one!!! And even more so with your reading of it. YIKES! I was almost to the point of having my stomache turn inside out with this one! And yep….you definitely achieved the dark side, the Halloween write with this one! WOW!


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