The Walls Whistle – Flash Fiction #DVersePoets

They bought the house new, especially to avoid these sorts of things.
There is nothing behind the wall, except a space where the wind whistles, and it always whistles. Even on still days, when the plastic windmills in the neighbour’s garden don’t clatter, and Gregory Mutt’s union jack is slummed around its flagpole, the wind whistles!
‘I don’t quite understand what you want?’ the contractor explained. ‘There’s nothing to explain where a draught would be getting in, and we’ve checked all your external walls.’
‘Listen though!’ Jenny hauled him through the kitchen by the front of his shirt, pressed her face to the lilac paint. ‘It’s whistling now!’
The contractor stared at her, wide eyed, and a little sweaty.
‘Aye,’ he croaked, ‘I hear it.’
She yanked him closer.
‘You will,’ she said, quiet now. ‘You will be the one to make it stop.’

It’s the end of a long day and I still have words to write for NaNoWriMo, but I’m taking a little break to pop over to the dVersePub and see what delights they have in store for tonight’s prompt. They’ve yet to dissapoint!


  1. Oh, I hope he gets it to stop. I can tell she’s going crazy from the sound!
    Thanks for taking a break to join in the fun.Good luck on your novel writing!


  2. I can really feel the frustration… but I think that those other sounds will still be there after the void is filled… maybe there is something other that is wrong when the whistling becomes so important.


  3. This story is familiar – so many modern houses have faults that the developers don’t want to acknowledge. A nightmare scenario, Carol, particularly when the wind whistles behind the wall when everything else is still. What has she got planned for the sweaty contractor?


  4. I love it that she takes no guff off the contractor, and your tale does hint, between the lines, that she is dealing with more than an irritation with a draft.


  5. I like what you’ve done with this, Carol: too right to make the man work for his money instead of scratching his rear end and drinking your tea!


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