Autumn Burns Bright – #DVersePoetsPub

It feels as if we are introducing you to Autumn. Slowly, and with care. Small hands, fingers fisted before bursting open like early fireworks. Breath-taking. Quite literally. Little face, big eyes, shadows for brows. All of these things change as the season steps in, lifts you from your bassinet, pinks your cheeks.

Look– at how much you’ve grown, at how the leaves have turned so quickly, these layers forming one over the other. Breath, and breeze, across your vocal chords. Outside a storm is cooing through the branches, changing notes, the strength of it lifting tree roots from their standings. When the winds settle, we sweep all the chaos beneath carpets, smooth the lines till their crisp. Pat you stomach. Tell you, that this fire is good.

The sky is beaten grey,
the metallic sheen of swords
unsheathed and waiting.


  1. Very elegant! I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the intimate with the detachment of not knowing the addressee, of wondering where this soft and cool autumnal musing was going to take me. I wasn’t prepared for the silvery haiku, though – sharp and chilled to the touch, like these sweeping autumn nights.

  2. Small correction–“they’re” for “their”. I loved the poem, and it was clever using the babe as protagonist. Hard to know what fear entails for the infant mind, where wonder trumps all else.

  3. How skillfully you weave the wistful imagery of Autumn with the pleasant voice of an adoring parent. How marvelously you evoke fear in the contrasting haiku! Brava, Carol!

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