Haiku August 2/8/2014 – 4/8/2014

Summoned by thunder

tear back the curtains, press close

the show will explodes.



Heat brings in the haze,

draws it from the horizon

until the sky cracks.



Inking in the days

to count up the ones left blank

and fill them up too.

Harvest Haiku – August Haiku Challenge Day One

For once we are done.

No more barely, oats or wheat

left upon these fields.

Once again I’m chattering on about farming, but for good reasons this time. We’ve finished harvesting before August! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a year when my family has achieved this. [We did have a lot less in the way of cereals this year which helped.]

Anyway, for those of you who have hung in over the years you might remember last August when I tried and for the most part succeeded in writing a haiku each day of the month. Well I’m at it again guys! Apologies if you hate haikus. For those of you who love them feel free to join in!

Prepare for the haiku tsunami!