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Tone works for Thomas and no one else. As part of the resistance she is trying to piece back together what is left of her home and find the opportunity to tear Harrington apart what he has done to the country.

Under The Rot

“You used to live here?” I’m not sure what I expected when Thomas asked me if I was free for patrol but delving into the Rot was certainly not on the list of considerations. Creeping down from the north-east of the town the Rot was residential once upon the time, converted when the war started to act as a military base and research centre. Most of the buildings were empty shells, the real infrastructure stretched out below in case of bombings, though in the end they hadn’t dug in deep enough. “I must have been about six when the war started.” he tells me, aiming a torch down the torn out hole in the flooring. “I don’t think anyone expected it to reach us here, thought Europe would keep it contained.” “We were Europe.” I say, trying to focus on the corridor leading away from us instead of his boots balancing on the edge of the floorboards. I tuck a stray strand of blonde behind my ear and glance back. He keeps one hand splayed …