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NaPoWriMo Day Seven

I thought I’d go with a Pleiades for Day Seven. It’s a seven line, one stanza poem formed by Craig Tigerman. The first word of each line has to start with the same letter as the title.   Turncoat   Trueman was the trusted sort. Trusted till the noose crept round his neck. Turns out his sister weren’t no blood, tart had sweet-talked him for plans. Told all the secrets she’d pulled free to spies and official men. Trueman was the trusted sort. Now Trueman’s dead.

NaPoWriMo Day Five

Samson I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it. Samson always was a pen and paper sort of guy. No one responded, which seemed rather rude. I would have liked a note, “Thank you for the letter, we placed it on the casket along with the first fist-full of dirt.” I would have enjoyed that part, heaving the clots of earth onto what was left of his clotted up heart. I was told the wife wore black. She’s the traditional sort, avoided the mistress at the graveside. Wouldn’t have seemed proper, for the pair’s tears to mix. I paid my respects, three days late with Cubans and brandy. Neither of which were to my taste, but I suppose we’re something of slaves to the wishes of the Dead. I am once again ignoring the offical NaPoWriMo prompt. Today’s piece was actually inspired by a tweet from the keyboard of prompts 101 I hope that you all enjoyed it.

NaPoWriMo Day Three

When I read the prompt “write a charm” I thought of the Irish blessing that has always adored the one wall of my Grandmother’s house. May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. I’m not especially religious, but the blessing has always stayed with me and I have always thought it a beautiful piece of writing. So I’m going to ignore the prompt somewhat, (as I have a tendency to do), and write my own blessing for university students. May the all-nighters be worth it. May your grades match your hopes. May the hangovers last not quite as long and the housemates’ voices shush. And until the summer comes, may you keep your marbles where they are.

NaPoWriMo Day Two

Fire Worshipper “Fire worshipper,” they breath, seeing only burn and crackle nothing more than flames. “Fire worshipper,” they breath, no time to dig deeper, ask more of things unknown. “Fire worshipper,” they breath, so secure in just one faith, no time for the others. “Fire worshipper,” they breath, forgetting that those fires casts a longer shadow.

NaPoWriMo Day One

Muppet You’ve grown old, as living things have a habit of doing.   It takes another, to point out the grey creeping in. You don’t show age in many other places, such as movement or attention.   Still the garden gate sphinx, wheat field bounder, fresh shirt muddier. I forget you weren’t always there and you won’t always remain.  

Hitting The Rocks

I have ten days to write 4,500 words in order to finish Nanowrimo. In case you’re wondering, this does not equal happy bunny, stress free Carol. It equals a even-more-neurotic-than-usual,-staring-at-black-screen,-oh-God,-oh-why!-WHY!-Should-I-start-over?-Change-my-plot-idea?-What-am-I-doing! Carol. Just thought I should update you all on Nanowrimo.

November, Novels and Physio

I’m starting a month of routines. I need to write at least 1600 words each day to finish Nanowrimo and complete my novel The Lady Winters, I need to complete a series of exercises each evening to increase the strength in my legs since currently there is none, and I really need to get back to learning French and Latin. On the Physio side I at least know now why I get pain in my knees on a fairly regular basis. My knee cap is not sitting where it should be and the lack of muscle in my thighs isn’t helping matter. So it’s bum, tum and thigh work out for me on a daily basis. Fun, fun. (I am not a sport enthusiast. I like indoors. You don’t get rain.) Anyway, on the writing front which is probably the bit you lot are interest in, it is November again which means Nanowrimo! Genuine whoo! (I am a writing enthusiast. I blooming love it!) As I have mentioned in a previous post, this year I’m …

The Lady Winter (Nanowrimo)

Last year I started ‘The Lady Winter’ for Nanowrimo. I got about 17,000 words into the story and then ground to a halt. This was still my best attempt at Nanowrimo to date.   However, this year I am determined. I will write fifty thousand words within the month of November and I will complete a first draft of a novel so that I can at least say I have managed that. I will not be starting from scratch though. It is my intention to continue ‘The Lady Winter’ and simply add another 50,000 words onto the draft that I already have. Since I ground to a halt last year I am going to spend the rest of this month planning out what will happen in the book and doing a little bit of editing on what exists. I don’t really want another incomplete novel hanging around my bedroom so this seemed like the most reasonable course of action.   We shall see how it goes.

Planning for July

Next month writers across the world will once again decide to re-affirm their insanity by setting themselves the challenge of writing a whole novel in just one month. My own word count for this July’s Camp NaNoWriMo is 60,000 words, which is both completely ridiculous and assumptive since I have never managed to complete one of these National *insert literature type* "Writing Month challenges yet. I have a good feeling about next month though. Partly because of my almost completion of NaPoWriMo, (hey! I gave that one a good crack, it beat December Form Challenge), and partly because I managed 17,000 words in November which is my best word-count for a NaNoWriMo so far. I also have an awesome synopsis for my choice of plot.   DARKENED DAUGHTER Nicholas Hunt has worked for the Rebels all his life, all seventeen years of it. Never once did he question their motives or orders. Until now. The rebels have put a price on the head of Tara Gravitell, the daughter of a King and Princess of the …