“Don’t believe the chaffinch,” my mother told me,

hands slack in linen tangles.

“They know so little of our world,

so little of your world,

so little of any world men tread.

Imagine always looking up,

or always looking down,

never along stranger scopes.

Can you imagine a world without level understanding,

without eye-to-eye,

without seeing as another person does?

As another person can?

How can the chaffinch think?

They have no lessons, no masters, no books!

Their nature divides them from us,

but we divine their nature,

we divine our own!

And might we mistake in our proclaims

and could a chaffinch be other,

other than what we divine if there were books?”

Written for The Daily Prompt –  Surreal

Written In Merlot

My dearest Felicity,

I have given up on Wisdom. Strange as it may seem; Wisdom and I are simply incompatible and my apologies-

But you must choose.

I would advise you to choose wisely but I am far too selfish to mean such a thing.

Yours in foolishness and nonsense



Pandering To My Dislike Of You

Punching you in the throat is,


predominate in,

pushing away all those other thoughts that

play at high speed acrobatics in my head, and

pre-determine the welcome you will receive

post-opening your mouth.



This is Day Three for NaPoWrimo, and I decided that I was going to write a fixed form poem and that I was going to write a Pleiades.

My Attempt at December Form Challenge

In December I thought I might attempt the December Form Challenge. Unfortunately I only managed to complete three poems for the month, due mainly to a title wave of university assignment. So for anyone who is interested. Here are my three fixed formed poems all the way from December.

Lost in Wishing

I took my dream and threw it down the well,
Where I had tossed coins and wishes for you,
Poured my hope in the silence as it fell…
When I once thought that fairy tales were true.

I wanted silver knights on proud horses,
Godmothers, white mice and pumpkin coaches…
But then you wanted to fight the dragon,
And what was our future became fiction.

(A Rispetto)

Make Me Mistress of Lies and Goddess of Chaos

My brightly burning ice giant; god of fire,
My silver tongued lie-smith with weighted whispers—
Will you still love me on Ragnarök’s byre?
When your children wage war on their elders?

For the nine realms will be nothing but chaos,
And each will sit back to watch the destruction
For none shall be able to forestall this loss,
Or find another world to which they can run.

If you say yes; that you will adore me yet…
Should I trust those lips which kiss me sweetly?
That weave such beautiful tricks, traps and nets
To trip and catch the Æsir and their army.

Tell me, if it should be my breath leaves first,
Should you take another into our bed?
Or should you deem this world to be accursed,
And wait for the fates to cut immortal thread.

(A Canzone)

Another Failure I’ll Add to The List

Your magnificent masterpiece leaned to the left.
Framed and fixed, we never noticed until we stepped away.
You bulged blue, swore saffron and screamed at the help-
As if it were their faulted frame leaning lopsided!
I think I said something, maybe made mock;
My taunting tongue always for an attack on you…
So we both swore saffron, but only you bulged blue.

(An Allitersien)

So those were my three poems that I managed to write for the December Form Challenge in 2012. For anyone interested in seeing the list of forms and the prompts, here is a link:

As always, please leave a comment if you have one since I love to hear what people think of my work. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!