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Day Three: A Parallelismus Membrorum

She Is Human   Blood-bathed warrior, priestess and healer, she was the fury the calm and pity. Heartbeat to deafen thunder, yet drown beneath whispers, she swept across worlds tripped upon the same rock hurtled through lifetimes never wanted to die, scrambled for maturity defied to grow up. Saw all on her axis, chose blindness to the past. Threw shields before enemies, opened her heart, refused to begrudge forgot not her pride.  

Day One: An Epistle

Dear Novels Which Lie Incomplete.   Do not hate me if a cannibalize a chapter or two to finish something else. It’s not that you’re not good enough, but those chapters are the best of you and the rest would have been lost to edits anyway.   I have not forgotten you. No matter how surprised I may act when your manuscript turns up dusty and freshly unearthed from the space beneath spare beds or cupboards where the hinges have rusted. I always knew you were there.   I will eventually, place one of you on a shelf and say this was my first. Then the rest of you can wait for a time when my pen finds enough ink to get you from notes and character sheets to the publishers print.