Character Gallery





The Debt’



by Millie Ho






(Henry Granger & Philip Hardgraves)

by Antonia Brennan


(Evie Fallows in the rain)

by Millie Ho

Eveline Carter 001Modern Evie 001


( Eveline Carter &

Evie Fallows)

by Antonia Brennan





(Matthew Shaws)

by Millie Ho


(Henry Granger)

by Antonia Brennan February 2014




    1. Unfortunately I cannot take credit for these fantastic drawings, I’m just very lucky that I have a best friend who is a fantastic artist. She draws a lot of my characters for me and I’ve been able to commission some fantastic sketches for my characters as well.
      I just have to finish the novel now.

  1. I like Evie Fallows in the rain – its got a lot of dimension – I can feel the cold and wet looking at it 🙂

    1. The scene is from one of the chapters when I was first writing the story, I had it commissioned quite a while back and since then the story has gone on the back burner while I work on other things.
      I’m glad to see the artwork gets such a response.

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