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My Addictions

Last minute answers, as in four hours before the deadline “oh crap this essay sucks let’s just start over and be done” last minute answers.   Add on top the twelfth cup of tea that day, or should that be mug? Probably still an understatement and each cup requires an entirely fresh pot.   And the essay itself is less than old! Since Castleville, Zynga. farming, building, collecting searching for that last pine cone- Well it takes work.   Addictions take time, you’ve got to keep them in check make sure that each one is seen to gratified and in the end confined to ink.

“Why does this writer not get more views?”

Have you ever asked yourself that question? I would have thought that it would be a common one to crop up, especially if you’re someone like me spending infinite amounts of time trawling through websites such as Deviant Art, and I have even been on the receiving end of astonishment from some. Random comments cropping up on whatever piece I’ve recently published, on whichever site I’m using, the author bamboozled by the fact my stats have never really taken off at any great rate.  Now I know I can write, it’s taken some time for me to listen to the insistant voices in my ears, (namely one of my best friends Jad) but I’ll now admit that I can write pretty dam well. I just haven’t achieved large numbers of readers. The thing is, I find it bothers me more when I find incredible writing by other people and the reading stats are low. When my own stats plummet, I’m fairly comfortable in the knowledge that there are a group of people out …