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Plan Gone To Ancient Crete #FlashFiction #WritingPrompt

Grinning, the newsreader finished his story and muttered something half-funny to the reporter next to him. Edmund muted the sound and redialled Atlas, flicking crumbs off his armchair as the phone rang.‘Heyyyyyy mateyyy…’ Atlas’ voice trailed off.‘Problems with your connection?’ Edmund asked. The newsreader handed over to the hot weather guy, Edmund tried to remember his name, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Something like Phil, or maybe Mark.‘Yeah, the line’s bad and I-’ Atlas broke off. ‘Look mate, I’m sorry I hung up on you, I didn’t mean to answer the call, I was dealing with a bank robbery and I forgot my phone was in the suit.’‘Bet everyone still came out alive though.’There was a pause. Edmund tracked the weatherman as he indicated high pressure coming in from the west.‘You ran headfirst into a train Ed. What did you think was going to happen? The way Tulis tells it, you damn near split your skull like an egg.’‘Bruised noggin’, nothing more. Stopped the train.’‘And killed every, single passenger on board.’‘Most were …


“You’re a villain Danny, plain and simple.” Danny’s grin spread as he watched Stephanie nod in agreement to her own words and pluck an apple from the open crate next to her on the dock, juice spitting from the skin as her teeth crunched in. “You wouldn’t have called me that three years ago,” he said, his mind wandering back to the image of her sprawled across his cabin desk, her scars and marking open to him, her cheeks flushed by the kisses he pressed into her curves. Stephanie examined what was left of her apple, scowled, and chucked it into one of the empty slips. “Three years ago we were on the same side,” she said, “but you changed that Danny, not me.” It’s been ages since I’ve written anything for Five Sentence Fiction, but I felt in the mood for it today. Probably because I should be doing other things, and partly because I’m trying to make sure I write at least a small paragraph for Darkened Daughter every day at the moment. …

Room Six

Checking in proved to be… unusual. Standing behind reception, the woman with shoulder-length hair and purple eyes stared silently as Sam stumbled in. “Yes?” drawled the woman, pursing her lips at the wet leaves plastered to Sam’s clothes. Sam drew a hand through her own hair, suppressing a shudder as something slimy squelched between her fingers. “Is Rook here?” she asked. “Perhaps,” answered the woman. “Why?” “I need to talk to him,” Sam scowled. “Why?” “Because.” The woman’s gaze flicked over her appearance again before she reached behind the desk. “Room six,” she said, handing over the key. “Be careful.” I like messing around with old characters from partially completed novels. I found the start of a draft for Archer the other day, only the first few chapters were written but I’m thinking about coming back to it at some point. Darkened Daughter has to take priority for now though. I refuse to keep skipping from one idea to another. Something is going to get finished this year whether I like it or not!

Sword Play

“Swords!” panted Natalia, hands wrapped around her kneecaps and hunched in over herself. “Who the hell comes after a person with swords.” “I think it was a Scottish claymore,” said Michael. “Fifteenth century and in really good nick by the looks of it.” “I think you’re missing the bit where the chick with the pink Mohawk tried to take your head off.” “She had a good swing. I’ll give her that.” “HEAD! NECK! NEAR DECAPITATION!” spat Natalia! “Do I really need to repeat myself?” “Well at least it wasn’t machine guns this time and you were rather good holding your own against her,” Michael shrugged. “I had a piece of lead piping!” Natalia spat. “She nearly killed me!” “But we got the hard drive,” he pointed out. “Which crazy chick sliced in half with her sword before we took her down,” said Natalia dryly. “More like a third and two thirds.” “Same difference. It’s useless.” Natalia straightened up and stretched, popping her joints loudly and scowled when the muscles in her arms protested. “I really …

Stake Out

“It’s too cold for this,” Natalia whined, trying to avoid touching the metal arms of the rattan chair. Michael scowled at her. “Can you at least try to look like you want to be here. I don’t want a repeat of Denmark.” “We got out alive didn’t we,” Natalia shrugged. “Only just. You have a way of turning simple into deadly.” “You’re exaggerating,” she grinned. “Three guys with machine guns, nothing major about that.” “For you maybe,” Michael snorted. “You forget-” “Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re a geek, not an operative…” “We’ve got movement-” “I mean I don’t- hey wait! Where are you going?” I really like writing about spies. Edit: The Follow Up Piece Is Called ‘Sword Play’ and I’ve got a friend who’s drawing it as well! Yay!


“I wouldn’t touch that!”Timothy’s gloved finger hovered an inch away from the gloopy mess situated in Dr Jessamine Bell’s lab while the boss herself tapped out instructions on the hologram screen behind.“Is it dangerous?” he asked, retracting his hand and ramming it safely into his lab-coat pocket. “Haven’t tested it yet. Could just be gunk with severely funky odor.”Timothy nodded, eyes still fixed on the sample. “They found it topside right?”“Yeap,” said Jessamine, popping the ‘p’. “But why bring it back?”Jessamine shrugged. “Supposedly saved the Director’s life.”“How?” Timothy asked.“Stopped her bleeding to death.” Photo Credit: Madison Wood    It’s been a while since I wrote anything for Headquarters so I thought to myself, why not use this prompt as a chance to come up with a couple of new characters and a new idea to move the story along. Now I just have to write the segment which covers the finding of the gunk with severely funky odor

Jungle Cities

There had been some oddities since the start of the war. Weapons that didn’t have quite the intended effect they were supposed to and cities that vanished overnight. That was when people starting moving below ground. What had started with single bunkers turned into networks and then communities, all of which expanded deeper and further until whole cities were living beneath the earth’s surface. One piled on top of the other, layer and layer jumbled together. Headquarters had estimates, approximations for population sizes and military capabilities, but most of the time they were blind to what was going on outside their organisation.  Top-side they could keep watch; most of the satellite feeds that had existed before the war were now under Headquarters’ control. However, there were still some areas that Sasha couldn’t view remotely from her office. She had to send men to gather in-tell, survey blind spots and dispatch enemy forces using those hidden spots to encroach further than they should. It didn’t matter if she was practically running on a skeleton crew, to …

Our Adventure

When I said we should try and be more adventurous I didn’t mean this. I thought maybe a curry instead of fish and chips, seeing if we could find where that path behind the garden shed led! I did not mean clinging to a stranger’s chest, sixteen thousand up, with only string and silk as a way down. This is a piece I wrote for a prompt that I set for a group I manage on Deviant Art. The prompt was to write a fifty word piece of flash fiction for “When I said *…* I didn’t mean…” I’m not sure what sort of response I will get but feel free to leave your own in the comments below.

Planning for July

Next month writers across the world will once again decide to re-affirm their insanity by setting themselves the challenge of writing a whole novel in just one month. My own word count for this July’s Camp NaNoWriMo is 60,000 words, which is both completely ridiculous and assumptive since I have never managed to complete one of these National *insert literature type* "Writing Month challenges yet. I have a good feeling about next month though. Partly because of my almost completion of NaPoWriMo, (hey! I gave that one a good crack, it beat December Form Challenge), and partly because I managed 17,000 words in November which is my best word-count for a NaNoWriMo so far. I also have an awesome synopsis for my choice of plot.   DARKENED DAUGHTER Nicholas Hunt has worked for the Rebels all his life, all seventeen years of it. Never once did he question their motives or orders. Until now. The rebels have put a price on the head of Tara Gravitell, the daughter of a King and Princess of the …


Prologue Tara had watched her father smile as he tore the heart out of the King of Dondara’s chest. It had not been the first act of complete brutality she had seen, her father’s campaign had been saturated by similar murders and executions. Something had terrified her though, something in the old King’s eyes in the moment before Forbeath ended his life. He had looked at the eight year old girl standing in the doorway to the throne room, recognised her, and offered her pity. Afterwards her father had the body taken away to be burned, leaving strict instructions that the blood was to be left to dry. No one questioned the new King as he picked up his daughter, streaking her face with blood as he pushed her hair away from her face. It had been blonde then, the same colour as her mothers, but he made her dye it later on. He couldn’t stand to be reminded of his wife. “That is how you get what you want in this world Tara.” He’d …