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Standing The Test #WeekendWritingPrompt

Cup the whole of me in one hand. Hold my belly up to a light, judge my origins, if I might be the real deal.   Examine my spine carefully through this sheen of skin while I burn like paper, edges curling in as I smoke.   Test the me between teeth, bite down, heads up, crack your enamel on my silver forked tail.   Spit me free with blood and tooth and every question asked to test the mettle in me.   Wonder why I leave with a word like love so sour in my mouth I choke.

#WeekendCoffeeShare -Happy Poems Are Still Not My Thing

It’s Sunday already and so far this morning I’ve managed to procrastinate and avoid doing any sort of constructive work. To be fair there’s quite a bit that I could be getting on with. I have an exam on Thursday and another the following Tuesday, there’s a submission deadline for Barren Magazin. today that I wanted to have something written for, and I still have a number of poems that I wanted to go over and redraft. Instead of doing that though, I’ve decided to write this post and fetch myself another brew to see if I can kick my brain into some sort of functioning gear. This week life has gone back to its normal routines. This has meant that my evenings were a little busier than usual and I didn’t get the chance to post as much to my blog as I wanted to. This year I’m trying not to get myself down about that. I know it means that I don’t get the same rate of stats on the site but I’m …

If We Were Having Coffee: Novel Redrafts And Flash Fiction Competition #amwriting

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Weekend Coffee Share post, months in fact, but I’m currently supposed to writing an entry for the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Competition so this seemed like the perfect way to procrastinate. I signed up late for Camp NaNoWriMo this month. At the start of the month I was debating whether or not I was going to have a crack at it and decided not to because I tend to find that writing purely for word-count goals make it even harder for me to get myself into the right frame of mind for writing. That said, having  a goal in mind does help drive me forward on projects so when I started rewriting my Shadow Dawn novel around the 10th July, I decided that I’d set myself a 30,000 word goal for the month and use Camp NaNoWriMo to help me hit that target. I’ve got more time to focus on my writing this month as  I’m still waiting for the result of my last AAT Level 3 …

NaPoWriMo – Day Eleven : Leavers’ Dreams

Between the leavers books and last day photos, where we stand pressed tight against each other arms locked over rib-cages and shoulders with smiles showing every tooth and crease at the edges of of eyes, we threw our ten year plans out like helicopter seeds, their swirling fragile bodies caught up in our whirlwinds so desperate to flee the school gates to escape to the world lying beyond where we would become doctors, architects, teachers, opera singers, engineers, artists, and writers, because thirty was a long way away and we were all more than capable of closing the distance between what we were and who we wanted to be. Five years in at the halfway mark I’m still spinning stories for strangers who know my name and my words but little more than that. Plans of conquering my third novel by the time I such and such have turned to let’s just get this one finished for god’s sake please, some time between the steps I’m climbing one accountancy exam at a time and the …

Tempest Temper

You doled out temper tantrums like hard gums, sugar flecked jellies that locked my jaw kept me mute while you spun words into waterfalls and rapids that broke over me like I was nothing more than rock carved out to test your anger upon. Daily Post: Froth I’ve been writing longer poems for NaPoWriMo this month so I went with a simple quardille for today’s daily post prompt.

NaPoWriMo – Day Five: Ghost

I felt you climb inside me. Your fingers slid between the cracks, drove them wider, and you crawled into the darkness, to paw through all the clutter I’d hidden away in the shadows of myself. Now I carry you around like loose change, always rattling through my skull off beat and missing the tempo, so the ripples turn to rapids and I have nowhere to turn but you and all the other phantoms in my head, taking up room. So I smile, cheeks cracking like sugar work, sweetness with no substance. These are the only walls I know how to build. Playing catch up today. Got home from work yesterday and didn’t feel like writing so I’m using my lunch break to make up for it. Not using the prompt for the 5th either I’m afraid. Might give it a go at the weekend when there’s more time.

Caught In The River

My words were flotsam swirling along with your rip-tide, tumbling beneath the weight of you, over and under until the sky flipped and all was grey and cold. They found me in pieces, shattered like fallen ice. Shards melting into the bank, cold and wasted, still creeping back to you. Written For The Daily Prompt: Float

Poetry Anthology Week Five – Just In Time

Just In Time – Brittaina Goffy Send a jolt as your feet hit the ground harder, faster lighter, quicker see all the people ahead unable to compute their times in your head If you make it Just In Time You’ll gain a loss rising up If you push it, if you make it Just In Time Just In Time – Carol Forrester It was always by the skin of your teeth, a hair’s breadth, a fingertip, a quarter of an inch, a whisker, a jot, just in time.   You had no interest in cushioning yourself, instead you barrelled in full force let the concrete skim past, admired the scuffs on your skin from that last close call. Did not look back to see how near it had really been or how much wreckage you had left in your wake.   Watching you I could feel the hitch in my throat, screams trapped behind my thorax convinced that this time you’d crash, you would burn and I would have to watch.   I did not …

Nightmare Before Christmas – Surviving The Weekend

Good Afternoon lovely readers. This week we’re still on spiced apple cider instead of tea and coffee I’m afraid. There are six bottles of the stuff still in the kitchen and I’m trying to judge if they’re anywhere close to going off? I don’t suppose you fancy taking one home with you? This weekend has been something of a trying one and no, I’m afraid I’m not talking about the Tim Burton movie though I will have to watch that at some point in the coming week. This weekend has been a nightmare for some much more mundane reasons. Firstly, I managed to smash my passenger side wing mirror on Friday evening, we came home to find one of the fish trapped in the tank filter [it proceeded to die the following day], Fiancee accidentally doused the kitchen in soapy water after trying to clean the blender without putting the lid on, and upon pouring water from the kettle into a mug for a relaxing cup of tea to recover from all this, the mug cracked …

Half Dead And Half Alive: Solitary Creatures Part Two

Edwin hated the smell of incense, it was too potent and the nagging voice in the back of his brain told him that it was only there to hide something from him. Something like the stench of slowly decaying bodies. Or one slowly decaying body to be exact. One slowly decaying body that had been stuck in the basement of a church for the last eight hundred years. ‘So you’re not dead,’ croaked Syms. ‘That’s a surprise and a half. Thought you and your halfwit might have tripped over your own feet into a grave months back, but look at us now, together again, all in the same room.’ Sammy shifted at the halfwit comment but didn’t speak. He wanted to be in the room even less than Edwin and Edwin was about ready to kill to get out. He’d cocked up Edwin decided. Syms had been a bad, bad idea and now he remembered why. The zombie kept looking between them, his one good eye bulging in its socket while what was left of …