Standing The Test #WeekendWritingPrompt

Cup the whole of me in one hand.

Hold my belly up to a light,

judge my origins,

if I might be the real deal.


Examine my spine carefully

through this sheen of skin

while I burn like paper,

edges curling in as I smoke.


Test the me between teeth,

bite down, heads up,

crack your enamel

on my silver forked tail.


Spit me free

with blood and tooth

and every question asked

to test the mettle in me.


Wonder why I leave

with a word like love

so sour in my mouth

I choke.


#WeekendCoffeeShare -Happy Poems Are Still Not My Thing

It’s Sunday already and so far this morning I’ve managed to procrastinate and avoid doing any sort of constructive work. To be fair there’s quite a bit that I could be getting on with. I have an exam on Thursday and another the following Tuesday, there’s a submission deadline for Barren Magazin. today that I wanted to have something written for, and I still have a number of poems that I wanted to go over and redraft. Instead of doing that though, I’ve decided to write this post and fetch myself another brew to see if I can kick my brain into some sort of functioning gear.

This week life has gone back to its normal routines. This has meant that my evenings were a little busier than usual and I didn’t get the chance to post as much to my blog as I wanted to. This year I’m trying not to get myself down about that. I know it means that I don’t get the same rate of stats on the site but I’m also aware that I have a pretty good core readership so a lot of my views are return readers. I’m not necessarily reaching more people by posting daily, the same people are just coming back more often, and I don’t want to be the person spamming my readers with post after post after post. Not posting every day also means I can be more strict with the quality of what I’m putting up on this site and really that’s what will drive readership in the long run.

Despite being busier this week I’ve managed to write some poetry that I’m really proud of. I now have twenty of the sixty poems that I wanted to put into a collection and the majority of them are pieces that haven’t been published on this blog. I did worry that I’d struggle to write the poems for this collection but I’ve found since deciding to pull it together I’ve been writing poems that have been mulling around my brain for years. It’s a little like a dam has been knocked down and I’ve managed to work out how to tell the stories I’ve been holding onto.

I’ve also discovered that happy poems are still not my forte. I’ve been writing about my grandmother breaking off her engagement at eighteen to leave Ireland, my mother sending my sister away to her mother-in-law’s during the first lambing season after my sister was born, and dealing with the death of friends. I have one poem which I am calling ‘The Token Happy Poem’ which I’ve thrown in just to make the collection seem a little less depressing.

I’ve also been jotting down lists of submission windows for poetry magazines to try and get some of my poems published during 2019. I don’t want to self-publish so I need to create a CV of publications where my work has been accepted in order to gain enough traction to and convince a published that they should take on my work. It will also give me something to update my ‘about‘ page with as at the moment the features on their are three or four years old at least. wordswag_15073188796611453091488 (1)

That’s about it for me week. If you are working on submitting pieces for publication this year I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. How are you finding it? Did you pick up any useful tips along the way? Do you mostly write poems for submission (poems based on prompts/competitions) or do you write poems and then consider submitting them afterwards? If you’re willing to share I’d love to listen.

Thanks for reading. Make sure to check out the host of this wonderful weekly blog event Eclectic Ali and the other bloggers who join in to share their stories. You can find them by clicking the badge above.


If We Were Having Coffee: Novel Redrafts And Flash Fiction Competition #amwriting

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Weekend Coffee Share post, months in fact, but I’m currently supposed to writing an entry for the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Competition so this seemed like the perfect way to procrastinate.

Project StatsI signed up late for Camp NaNoWriMo this month. At the start of the month I was debating whether or not I was going to have a crack at it and decided not to because I tend to find that writing purely for word-count goals make it even harder for me to get myself into the right frame of mind for writing. That said, having  a goal in mind does help drive me forward on projects so when I started rewriting my Shadow Dawn novel around the 10th July, I decided that I’d set myself a 30,000 word goal for the month and use Camp NaNoWriMo to help me hit that target. I’ve got more time to focus on my writing this month as  I’m still waiting for the result of my last AAT Level 3 exam which means I haven’t got any studying to do. However, other social engagements are taking up most of my weekends so my current progress has been limited to what I can write during my lunch hour at work. Hence the pitiful looking bar chart above.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I’m also taking part in the NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction competition. The deadline for round one is 4am (GMT) so I’ve got the rest of this afternoon to sort out my 1,000 words story and submit it, even if the heat is making it almost impossible for me to get on with anything. I’d rather melt than write at the moment so I’m hoping hammering out a post might encourage me to hammer out a thousand words of fiction in a few minutes time. I can easily write a thousand words in a hour so a first draft should be straight forward, I just wish the weekend wouldn’t slip past me so quickly.

*Note: It’s now almost five in the evening as I’ve been procrastinating from writing this post as well. I really need to learn to just get on with things.*


Tomorrow will mark DVerse Poets Pub coming back off their two week break, something I’ve been looking forward to since their first day of absence. For the last fortnight I’ve been desperate for poetry prompt so I can’t wait until Monday’s Quadrille night.

I’m also trying to work out how to take my poetry to the next level on this poem. When going through the stats on this site I realize that I only reach about fifty views per post most of the while so I’d really like to start bumping that number up. I suppose the upside to that total is that my view total stays quite close to my likes total so I can see that most people who read the poems, go on to liking them. I just need to find a way of getting more people reading them.

Other than that there isn’t much going on this weekend. I hope yours have been slightly more productive than mine and I will now go off and get this flash fiction piece written for NYC Midnight before I find a way to procrastinate right up to the deadline. All the best for the next week and thanks for reading.


NaPoWriMo – Day Eleven : Leavers’ Dreams

Between the leavers books and last day photos,

where we stand pressed tight against each other

arms locked over rib-cages and shoulders

with smiles showing every tooth and crease

at the edges of of eyes,

we threw our ten year plans out like helicopter seeds,

their swirling fragile bodies caught up in our whirlwinds

so desperate to flee the school gates

to escape to the world lying beyond

where we would become doctors, architects, teachers,

opera singers, engineers, artists, and writers,

because thirty was a long way away

and we were all more than capable of closing the distance

between what we were and who we wanted to be.

Five years in at the halfway mark

I’m still spinning stories for strangers

who know my name and my words

but little more than that.

Plans of conquering my third novel by the time I such and such

have turned to

let’s just get this one finished for god’s sake please,

some time between the steps I’m climbing

one accountancy exam at a time

and the colours I’m aspiring to

one belt at a time

in the hopes that by the time I’m thirty

I’ll be more than just a writer

I’ll be more than just the person

who wanted nothing but her books.


NaPoWriMo Day Eleven : “What does y(our) future provide?”

Tempest Temper

You doled out temper tantrums like hard gums,

sugar flecked jellies

that locked my jaw

kept me mute

while you spun words into waterfalls and rapids

that broke over me

like I was nothing more than rock

carved out to test your anger upon.

Daily Post: Froth

I’ve been writing longer poems for NaPoWriMo this month so I went with a simple quardille for today’s daily post prompt.