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Proof Copy Ordered!

I have finally finalised a small collection of poems. (Eighteen) Anyway, thanks to blurb, I now have this poems in a shiny, all proffessionaly looking mock up of a book and have ordered a copy to work like a final proof. If it on looks good on delivery then I will be able to put the collection up for public sale! There are a couple or new poems, but it is mainly redrafted works from the site and my DA account. However, they are all pulled together into a physical paperback! Woo!

My Poetry Book

I have settled on a title for my first collection of poetry! *cue fanfare* Since this is my first attempt at writing a series of poems specifically to publish as a book and not as individual pieces on my blog, I decided that I should try and honour that significance in the title. So; my first collection of poetry is going to be called ‘This Young Adult’. I’m taking a few of the poems from my blog and redrafting them for the book, but there will be some new pieces in there as well. Some of the older poems such as Persephone are probably going to look like new poems by the time I’m done with them so I don’t suppose they will really count as the same poem in the end. I’m planning on having ‘This Young Adult’ ready for purchase by the 1st of July. This may seem like a short time frame, but I’ve been working towards the collection for a while so I should be able to manage. A lot of …

Working Out The Kinks

She wasn’t supposed to save him, she was supposed to strike the final blow and end his suffering. That was the task dealt to her by the Valkyries and that was the task she had every intention of carrying out. Until she saw his face. Unmarried and without family, Eveline’s mother was labelled a whore when the village learnt of the pregnancy. Considered witches by many, Eveline and her mother keep to their woodland cottage, selling tinctures and salves to those who dare to venture close enough. That is until the autumn of 1066 when William, Duke of Normandy lands of English shores to take the Crown. When Eveline sleeps she sees the battle to come. She knows that the English King will fall and the Norman army will march on towards London where William will take his throne. The death of another King is not what wakes her screaming though. The remains of the Battle of Hastings will bring about Eveline’s greatest folly, a folly that she will spend lifetimes trying to fix.   …