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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”

I do not know why it is called “Golden” since it appears to have been written by men with mouths of iron and hearts of lead.

This is Diarmaid MacCulloch quoting ‘De causis corruptarum artium’. That’s what happens when you ask someone to pick up the nearest books and they’re half way through researching the 1549 South West Rebellion in England. I suppose it’s rather pretty but I’ve no idea how I’m supposed to use it to write a post. I’ll try again, Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys:

Trust me to pick up a book where page eighty-two is completely blank. Well, one last attempt. Derek Landy, Skulduggery Pleasant The Faceless Ones:

She wasn’t, in Valkyrie’s opinion, all there.”

Ah, Valkyrie Cain, one of my all time favourite characters by one of my all time favourite authors talking about another character that I simply adore. Clarabelle. Clarabelle is the definition of “away with the fairies”, but she is one of the sweetest, most accepting people I have ever had the pleasure of reading. There is no judgement in her, zombie, vampire, human or remnant, she will accept you as you come. No matter how murderous or terrifying. We could all perhaps learn something from Carabelle.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a history essay to prepare for.


So far there have been more pages turned than footsteps trodden in my life. This isn’t necessarily bad. Those pages and the words have fed into everything I am, everything I want to be, everything I want to do. They have set pins into maps for locations I can see and given me the chance to create for myself that which no longer exists. I could walk the world over and never find the moment when the Parthenon stood whole, or Stephen Sauvestre sat hunched over sketched out plans, or Henry De Audley first saw the finished Red Castle. However, I am not content with pages instead of footsteps, and it is time for my feet to catch up.


Time changes all things,

sweeping stone to sand and dust.

Witness what comes next.

012c7dca2ad1d4a3e4e65cee445bafcd7bffc29be1 A Haibun for DVersePoets. Thank you for the wonderful prompt and a fantastically interesting article.

Proof Copy Ordered!

I have finally finalised a small collection of poems. (Eighteen)

Anyway, thanks to blurb, I now have this poems in a shiny, all proffessionaly looking mock up of a book and have ordered a copy to work like a final proof. If it on looks good on delivery then I will be able to put the collection up for public sale!

There are a couple or new poems, but it is mainly redrafted works from the site and my DA account. However, they are all pulled together into a physical paperback! Woo!

You Think Me Old?



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“You think me old?” asked the man whose folds could tell you of booted feet in bog soaked trenches, too numb from cold to tell when the rot set in.

“You think me old?” asked the man who’d watched women in polka dot men twirl on the arms of boys not fated to come home again.

“You think me old?” asked the man who’d once held books with more care than that which he’d showed to the new born babe passed from his wife’s arms. The man who matched each title to the lines etched in his face and called each new one a moment more of knowledge.

“You think me old?” asked the man. “I am as old as what I have learnt, and what is left for me to learn marks me but a babe.”

Planning for July

Next month writers across the world will once again decide to re-affirm their insanity by setting themselves the challenge of writing a whole novel in just one month. My own word count for this July’s Camp NaNoWriMo is 60,000 words, which is both completely ridiculous and assumptive since I have never managed to complete one of these National *insert literature type* "Writing Month challenges yet.

I have a good feeling about next month though. Partly because of my almost completion of NaPoWriMo, (hey! I gave that one a good crack, it beat December Form Challenge), and partly because I managed 17,000 words in November which is my best word-count for a NaNoWriMo so far.

I also have an awesome synopsis for my choice of plot.



Nicholas Hunt has worked for the Rebels all his life, all seventeen years of it. Never once did he question their motives or orders. Until now.
The rebels have put a price on the head of Tara Gravitell, the daughter of a King and Princess of the Whisper Isles. Each generation of her family brought more suffering to the world than the last and there is no reason to doubt that her sovereignty would somehow exceed the bloodshed of her father’s. For this the Rebels want her dead and the Gravitell bloodline wiped from existence.
But no one has seen her in sixteen years.
Nicholas is assigned the task of tracking down the missing princess and bringing her head to the Rebels. She could be hiding in any one of the fifteen kingdoms that make up Carrigan, or even in one of the Kingdom’s beyond the Witch Seas. When he finds her, he must kill her.
This is not a plan the Princess will go along with quietly and soon Nicholas finds himself pitted against the fiercest opponent he has ever met.
Dangerous and wild, Tara has spent her childhood far from the reach of her father and carefully watched by all those around her. There is a darkness that runs through her veins, one that she cannot escape. But Nicholas finds himself questioning the Rebels’ judgment when he sees the Princess he’s supposed to assassinate pitting herself against her father’s own men.
The last Gravitell will deal in bloodshed, but she will be unlike any of the Gravitells her lineage has known.

Basically I have taken an old story idea which was entitled ‘Obscurite’ and I have thrown out everything I wrote for it. I’m keeping some of the characters, mainly because I love my babies and I killed some of them off brilliantly within original drabbles. (They proved themselves as characters.)


‘Darkened Daughter’ is me starting from scratch with my story. I’m really hoping to get the plot-line planned out this month and a first draft finished next month. Then by Spring 2014 I should have a final draft to self publish through the Blurb website.


This does not mean that Henry Granger is on hold. In fact I’m planning on turning my darling Granger into a novella and getting a fully formed draft into shape by the end of June. So expect plenty of updates with snippets from both works and word counts for the next couple of months.


One final thing before I end this post! How many people who browse my sight would be interested in me self-publishing a collection of my poems? If so:


  • Would you like a whole new collection of unseen poems?
  • A mixture of ones already on the site and new ones?
  • A collection following themes from one or two of the poems I’ve written such as a collection based on ‘My Lady’ which would then be a book of historically based poetry.
  • Do any of you have favourite poems that I’ve written? (I’m curious)


Anyway. I’ll probably try and pull a collection out in the next month or so but I really want to hear your opinions. Leave me a comment below.


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(Henry Granger by Antonia Brennan)