Cupid’s Arrow

You and I?

We converse in insults

in ‘fuck offs’

and ‘get losts’

some sentences

only half formed,

half thought

punctuated with half-hearted

shift! Move it! shoves.

You and I

know each other



Miss Grumpy Pants

and the prat.

I know your flaws

are no worse

than mine.

We’re eccentric,



and nothing about us

makes it easy

living with someone else.

We’d destroy

any other lover.

You and I


Really dam well.

So next time

I’m snarking,

your barking

and we’re sulking,


you’re the only one

I can bother

to stay mad at

all night.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cupid’s Arrow.”

Date Night

‘Smooth moves baby,’ he hummed, nose pressed against her ear. She smirked and glanced at the tally board, her row of perfect strikes lined up above his row of not-so-perfect spares.

‘You’re turn,’ she said and handed him the purple ball from the rack.

He took it and kissed her on the nose.

‘Just you watch,’ he said. ‘One of these days I’m going to whoop your ass at this and there won’t be anythin’ you can do about it.’

Still grinning he turned and let loose, shooting wide.

Four skittles she counted.

Yeah, he wasn’t winning any time soon.