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Case One: The Missing Boy

Gates called the flat opened planned, Felhorn called it a dump. It occupied the top floor of a condemned building where demolition had ceased halfway through, leaving only front half standing and the rest as rubble. At night Felhorn would dream of the floor suddenly collapsing beneath her bed, the chipboard walls they’d thrown up as protection from the elements tumbling with her for the sixteen floor drop, before waking soaked in sweat in the very sheets she’d just been clinging to, her throat alight and aching. Gates didn’t help much. After six hundred years of not needing to sleep he’d forgotten what it was like to have nightmares and couldn’t understand why she didn’t just change the story if it wasn’t going the way she wanted. Finding him standing above her with that frown on his face when she woke often ended with her sending him sprawling across the flat, magic burning in her veins as it jumped to the surface before she could quench it. It didn’t teach him, he still came whenever …


(Visdare Prompt 29) She had cut short both her hair and hems. It made no difference. No matter how much she drank, how much she smoked, how fast she danced- She was still trapped. Then Jonathon got tied up with the wrong sort and ended with police sirens, desk drawer hand-gun and temple markings. That hurt; she had loved him after all. When she found his dairy and Friday nights at Barbers with initialled names that hid no one identities, she knew who the wrong sort were. She’d kept Jonathon’s gun. This was a different sort of freedom, one that came with photo smiles and determination that come Saturday morning… the nation would read her name.