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I imagined that she was some great coastal cliff. Stone strong for thousands of years, but now the sea has managed to find a way between the cracks and it’s taking her apart in chunks. It doesn’t sound like a landslide though. She doesn’t shriek and splinter as pieces of her sheer away from herself. There’s only silence as another memory, another name, another face, slips beneath the waves and into darkness where it can’t be reached. There are still pieces of her left. Like fossils, preserved inside the depths of the cliff face. On days where it seems like everything has crumbled, they can find a way to the light. The willow withered its roots turned to dust and ash but it kindles still.  

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This is not a post I have wanted to write. I have tried before and failed after the first few lines. It’s not my normal style but it’s for an important cause and one very close to my heart. My Great-Grandmother lived until she was a hundred. Over the last ten years of her life we saw a gradual decline in her capabilities and her memory until at last she slipped away peacefully with her daughter holding her hand, at home, in her own bed. This was the first time I saw dementia in any form. I got frustrated by her inability to hold a conversation, by the same question repeated every five minutes and by the way she called us mean when we raised our voices so she could hear us better. As well as the dementia she was also very deaf, so talking to her became a never ending loop of ‘So what news do you have for me?’ ‘Have you got a boyfriend?’ ‘Where’s the other one?’ She never lost her wit …