My Attempt at December Form Challenge

In December I thought I might attempt the December Form Challenge. Unfortunately I only managed to complete three poems for the month, due mainly to a title wave of university assignment. So for anyone who is interested. Here are my three fixed formed poems all the way from December.

Lost in Wishing

I took my dream and threw it down the well,
Where I had tossed coins and wishes for you,
Poured my hope in the silence as it fell…
When I once thought that fairy tales were true.

I wanted silver knights on proud horses,
Godmothers, white mice and pumpkin coaches…
But then you wanted to fight the dragon,
And what was our future became fiction.

(A Rispetto)

Make Me Mistress of Lies and Goddess of Chaos

My brightly burning ice giant; god of fire,
My silver tongued lie-smith with weighted whispers—
Will you still love me on Ragnarök’s byre?
When your children wage war on their elders?

For the nine realms will be nothing but chaos,
And each will sit back to watch the destruction
For none shall be able to forestall this loss,
Or find another world to which they can run.

If you say yes; that you will adore me yet…
Should I trust those lips which kiss me sweetly?
That weave such beautiful tricks, traps and nets
To trip and catch the Æsir and their army.

Tell me, if it should be my breath leaves first,
Should you take another into our bed?
Or should you deem this world to be accursed,
And wait for the fates to cut immortal thread.

(A Canzone)

Another Failure I’ll Add to The List

Your magnificent masterpiece leaned to the left.
Framed and fixed, we never noticed until we stepped away.
You bulged blue, swore saffron and screamed at the help-
As if it were their faulted frame leaning lopsided!
I think I said something, maybe made mock;
My taunting tongue always for an attack on you…
So we both swore saffron, but only you bulged blue.

(An Allitersien)

So those were my three poems that I managed to write for the December Form Challenge in 2012. For anyone interested in seeing the list of forms and the prompts, here is a link:

As always, please leave a comment if you have one since I love to hear what people think of my work. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

Halloween Haiku

Closeup of a human skull.


I will take my seat,
To watch the skeletons dance,
While you carve my name.


Crack down to marrow,
Beneath the glitter of blood,
And the ragged flesh.

Written for the ‘Horrid Haiku’ prompt currently running at ‘Morbid-Poets’ on Deviantart.

Writers’ Feature

The DeviantArt group ‘Writers Art Heart’ has brought to a close it’s ‘Frustration’ prompt contest, and the winners have been announced. 


In first place:



Verse I
Hear me screaming as I’m bleeding,
Seeping crimson from the corners of a white ceiling.
There’s no skin or substance to my bones,
When here I lie with tears falling all alone,
But you just stand by with a stare of stone.
I don’t want to see you no more,
I don’t want you around anymore,
I don’t want to look at you no longer.
Just to see you once more this time,
Only makes my hatred for you stronger.
Verse II
See me writhing as I’m dying,
Leaking scarlet from the sounds of a black sighing.
There’s no meat or meaning to my nerves,
When here I cry with eyes drowning in love,
But you just vandalise me with a voice of verve.
I don’t want to see you no more,
I don’t want you around anymore,
I don’t want to look at you no longer.
Just to see you once more this time,
Only makes my hatred for you stronger.
Verse III
Feel me hurting as I’m groaning,
Pulsating red from the roars of a gray roaming.
There’s no life or lunacy to my lies,
When here I die with minds gliding in skies,
But you just watch me with a wink of why.
I don’t want to see you no more,
I don’t want you around anymore,
I don’t want to look at you no longer.
Just to see you once more this time,
Only makes my hatred for you stronger.
Chorus Outro
I don’t want to see you before me crying,
I don’t want you around dying,
I don’t want to look at you in death.
Just to see you once more this time,
Only makes my heart for you breathe.

In second place:



Consciousness is such a burden,
When it is oblivion I seek,
The body begs for mercy,
But the mind is cruel,
Refusing me rest,
That simplest of pleasures,
I wish for a dream,
Even if it be a nightmare,
Like a vampire, I fear the sunrise,
Though the reasons are not the same,
Light in my window condemning me,
To lose another night,
My treacherous eyes betray me,
Seeking out the light,
My very bones scream out for respite,
And my innards have lost all hope,
I feel my strength fail me,
And pray my body won’t fade away.



In third place:



There are too many things to write about.
There are romantic tragedies,
With damsels in distress.
There are tall tales of heroes,
Whose bravery saves the day, once again.
There are underdogs,
To root for ’til the end.
There are villains,
With maniacal cackles.
There are heroines,
With supernatural powers,
And artists,
With talent and wit.
There are dragons,
And demons,
And angels.
There are so many ways to start,
So many words to chose,
Endless decisions to make,
Infinite ways to begin,
And to end.
I have so many ideas,
On what to write about.
Yet I’ll never understand,
Why this page before me,
Always seems to remain blank.


Congratulations to the winners!

A Terrible Opening Sentence!

Last week I sat down for my first creative writing lecture, my notepad open on my lap, and pen at the ready to take down notes. Alongside the basic information for assignment deadlines and the course layout, the lecturer brought up a selection of ‘terrible’ opening sentences for novels.

The varied from hilariously pointless, to cringe worthy moments of disgust. They were wonderful in their terribleness and she wanted us all to try and write out own.

So that shall be the inspiration for this post. Terrible opening sentences, and my first creative writing assignment. To write my own terrible opening sentence.


Saltworth was cold, soggy, dull and full of lifeless residents whose vicar preached the same dusty sermon, from the same dusty pulpit, at the same dust hour, every Sunday until the Sunday where communion was interrupted as he choked on the wafer, turned purple, died, and provided the greatest amount of excitement that Saltworth had ever seen.


It’s surprising how difficult it is to write a bad sentence on purpose, I find myself trying to adjust it in order to make it better.

Could you write a terrible, atrocious, heart wrenchingly bad opening sentence?

Link or comment me your sentences and I’ll pick out my top 5 terrible sentences at the end of the month. The winners will be featured in a shiny new page, ‘Contest Winners’, and also in a journal on my DA account.

So let me see your worst!

Deadline: 31st October 2012


(Here is a little poem for you all.)

Ruined by the Words

One sentence and you were done,

Thrown back to the shelf

With a disappointed scowl;

Because you’d looked pretty/


But you had spoilt in all,

In just one sentence!

And now I have that guilt,

-That comes with the knowledge-

Of seeing a fantastic cover,

And knowing someone else will read,

An awful opening sentence.



(Thanks to my lecturer Dr Carrie Etter for the inspiration for this post.)

Shattered Symphony

Before the ice crept into your veins and settled,
Before the cracks in your heart were petrified,
Was there something other than ancient dust?
Hiding in the hollow echo of disused synapses,
Where nerves once sparked into singing chords
Rattled down time taut strings of frozen organs,
Buzzed through the vena cava and battered valves,
To swell lungs full with gasping, desperate breaths
While drum beats thundered, and the tempo jumped,
Crescendos of flustered words and twisted tongue,
Chasing the sun drenched notes from honeyed lips
To pin them down, caught upon a pulsing manuscript.

If there was once something more than what is now,
Then how did the rhythm crumble from its arches?
And why did the melody shatter sharps to flats
Tumbling from the stave etched in your arteries,
To clatter through the first of frozen teardrops,
That came when the ice first crept and settled in.