Family Traits

My FingersI have really long, slightly bent fingers. According to certain family members, this is a Swinnerton trait. My sister on the other hand, hehe, pun not intended but anyway, has hands from my dad’s side of the family. She is Forrester hands. This means one thumb stubbier than the other (not that you can be sure with my dad since he chopped the end of one off) and a middle finger the same length as the two beside it. She’s lucky. Some of dad’s relatives have this on both hands and on both feet aswell. I have it sort of, but only on one of my toes.

I posted this photo on facebook yesterday, and one of my friends commented that despite knowing me for quite a while she’d never realised how long my fingers were. It started me thinking about how much of our family we carry around in ourselves that our friends put catagories as ‘us’.

A five foot nothing I take after my Granny Kitty more than my mother. Yet every time I see my great gran she comments on how tall I’m getting, “a real Swinnerton” with long fingers and legs. (She’s not a Swinnerton I’ll point out, just that side of the family tend to all be fairly tall.)

It just goes to show though, we are all a mixture of those before us. An eye colour here, a set of wonky fingers there and a hight limit that doesn’t always match with your parents. What we look like is generations worth of mixology and we’re just the surprise cocktail that gets served at the end.

So she says, trying to think of a way to make this random posts have some sort of link to creative writing. If there are family traits like bent fingers in reality, why not have them in writing. Why shouldn’t I give Tara [Darkened Daughter] the same ears as her great aunt Gelifid. [Made that name up on the spot, no idea who Gelifid is, a witch maybe. Executed by her coven for marrying a human… and enslaving the Kingdom of Lise to her every command. Allegedly.]

See, I’ve been barely able to write a word for Darkened Daughter in the last three months due to Uni work and in two minutes I’ve worked out a new chunk of history for my fantasy world, a new kingdom name for the expanse of unnamed land currently lurking on all my attempts at map drawing, and created a new character who may prove useful when writing about Tara’s interactions with witches. I suddenly feel all productive. Yay me.

Why I Suck At Social Media

You name it, I probably have a log in for it. I don’t necessarily remember the username, or the password, or even a single answer to one of those ‘safety’ questions that they have you fill out, but I’ve probably signed up for most, it not all of the major social media sites that writers are advised to use as platforms for spreading their words.

Every now and then my ipod will dim the concoction of badly match music blaring into my ears and inform me that I, me of all people, have one new follower on Tumblr, or Twitter, or if I’m very lucky, Facebook! I will smile down at my ipod’s kind message and then promptly swipe it from existence.

No offense, I love it when people take the time to try and keep up with my writing. I love hearing from readers who enjoy my work. I just have not got the dedication to keep up with Social Media platforms. I keep telling myself that I’ll update the Facebook page for Writing and Works once a week with interesting news but honestly, not much happens in my life.

If I was at home I could give you innumerable photos of calves, and sheep and even a few of the dog, but that really isn’t relevant to my writing most of the time. Even if those sort of photos do seem more popular than my writing according to my mother’s Facebook stats. (When your anti-Facebook mother suddenly finds that thousands of people are looking at her farm photos, she suddenly becomes a lot more Facebook active.)

My point is that I don’t really get up to much and when I do get around to doing something like a poetry reading I forget to let you all know ahead of schedule. But then again most of you are in America, or Friday’s case Hong Kong apparently.

A little shout out to any of you who did visit the site of Friday by the way. It now stands as my all time best day for hits on this site!

*Celebrates with awful dad dancing*

Yes, so America and Hong Kong are a fair distance away from rainy old England. Even if I was letting you know well in advance of a poetry reading it seems unlikely most of you would be able to make it.

So right now I’m wondering why bother?

Let’s call it practice. Hopefully I will one day be a good enough writing to have interesting daily updates to post. Until then I’m going to have to find a way of at least remembering how to log into my accounts and hoping I don’t bore those who are currently following me, half to death.

NaNoWriMo And A New Mug


It’s only two days until NaNoWriMo starts and once again I’ve decided to ignore the fact that life is crazy, hectic and more than a little stressful and still sign myself up to write 50,000 words in one month. WHY PEOPLE! WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?

On the plus side of things I have a cool new mug to add to my mug collection.

At The Bottom Of The Bottle

He turned vodka shots into binoculars,

drawing chardonnay mountains from bottles

and rum seas across napkins

with whisky paths half hidden

behind liquor boats

bobbing along like corks

while their captains sang shanties

and their crews threw out sails,

white, crisp and smelling of salt


and tequila.

Working Off My Kindle

I love my kindle, I do, but it has its moment where hurling the thing or the window looks more and more like a perfectly reasonable course of action. Of course it’s much easier to write something up on the kindle fire them it is to try and write on my iPod or phone, and since my laptop has decided that the only resolution in its relationship with the internet is divorce, I’m somewhat stuck for options.

I did want to give you all another extract from Obscurite, but that will have to wait until I get back to Bath this evening. Hurrah for desktop computers not clinging to life like a determined old witch.

For those of you who read my April Will Be Awesome post, well guess what, it wasn’t. It was stressful and busy and way too many things jumped out of the woodwork. Writing took a back seat, it has to.

Anyway! Onwards and upwards as they say. June is inching every closer and with assessments out the way by May twenty-third, I’ll be looking at (hopefully) some more drew time that I can fill with writing.

(I’m doing a summer module and have two jobs lines up this summer. This may be a somewhat misguided opinion I’ll admit)

So, with summer on its way in, (even if that mean just as much rain as ever for some of you,) what are you big summer plans. Holiday? Music festival? Finish a novel? Personally I would love to achieve the last one but we’ll have to wait and see. I am going to make one summer resolution though, and that is to visit more local attractions around Shropshire. I live in a beautiful county. Something that I’ve taken for granted growing up here.

Onwards and upwards.