Shadow Twists

When the night demons come she keeps quiet, tries to sink into the dark drapes around her father’s throne and pretend they don’t see her. It’s stupid of course. She watches as their ivory eyes flicker back and forth, catching in her own gaze momentarily and sending familiar tendrils of cold seeping through her chest.

She almost fainted the first time it happened. Her! Of all people!

She was used to being summoned at strange hours, slipping through the castle corridors as moonlight painted the stones with looming shapes.

Her father warned her to stay close.

“Don’t speak,” he said.


Eight O’clock

We had it worked out. If we took the long way around, the less direct route, we could see all the sights as we went and still make the eight o’clock reservations. Funny though. I had always thought it would be me who made us late.