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Lost: One Bench #Throwback Thursday

‘How can you forget where you left it?’ Samantha demanded, shooting Michael a withering look before closing her eyes and counting to ten. In a moment she would let out a deep sighing breath and give Michael her best, why do you insist on embarrassing me stare before ordering another drink from the bar and forgetting the subject altogether. 1,2,3,4- ‘I mean really Michael!’ Michael blinked, confused as to where the last 6 seconds had gone and why she hadn’t ordered a large glass of red wine. She wasn’t following the natural order. ‘It’s a bench!’ Samantha spluttered. ‘You cannot misplace a bench! Especially not one of yours! They’re massive and made of wood. WOOD MICHAEL! WOOD!’ Everyone else in the pub had fallen silent now, the hum of conversation dying as all eyes turned to stare at the couple having the argument. Or rather, Samantha yelling at her bemused husband since Michael rarely said two words to anyone about anything. ‘I could understand a nail or two, perhaps even your level metre, but misplacing …


“Tomorrow morning, that footstool goes!” And I’m left to listen to my own voice’s echo, As it bounced back off half-painted walls And round corners without the skirting- Next weekend’s promise still etched in pencil. But faded past the point of a stranger’s notice, And even your mother has stopped commenting, On the second landing’s crooked light fixing. I must have asked you a hundred times before, To throw out that footstool in the hallway. Bought at some junk shop, three streets away, And just awkward enough, so that I stub my toe, Every single time I walk through the dam door! The same door you painted pink to annoy John, Next door’s tenant with a grey tweed suit, And a hate for anything even mildly creative! God he hated you! With a passion unmatched. At least he did- Last week he said how he’d admired you. He said that you artwork was unparalleled! You would have snorted in his face, And asked him “what else you would expect? You were a genius with a …

Shattered Symphony

Before the ice crept into your veins and settled, Before the cracks in your heart were petrified, Was there something other than ancient dust? Hiding in the hollow echo of disused synapses, Where nerves once sparked into singing chords Rattled down time taut strings of frozen organs, Buzzed through the vena cava and battered valves, To swell lungs full with gasping, desperate breaths While drum beats thundered, and the tempo jumped, Crescendos of flustered words and twisted tongue, Chasing the sun drenched notes from honeyed lips To pin them down, caught upon a pulsing manuscript. If there was once something more than what is now, Then how did the rhythm crumble from its arches? And why did the melody shatter sharps to flats Tumbling from the stave etched in your arteries, To clatter through the first of frozen teardrops, That came when the ice first crept and settled in.