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Doodle Wednesday

One of my challenges for 2016 was to improve my drawing skills and specifically to improve at drawing people. I’ve decided therefore, that Wednesday shall be the day that I show off all [if any] of the drawing and doodles that I’ve completed during the week. So for today, the first doodle Wednesday, I present today’s attempt at drawing people. I also did a few doodles this week, a hand from the cover of Skulduggery Pleasant Mortal Coil and a rose since it was apparently national rose day the other day. I’m happier with the hand more than the rose since faces and hands are the two things I struggle to draw most.

Deadpool and Minnie The Minx #FreeComicBookDay

Have you guys ever heard of Free Comic Book Day before? I haven’t. Recently it seems that quite a few national/international days have been popping up and I knew nothing about them at all. Of course it’s great for bloggers since we always have sometime to ramble about, but back to the topic at hand. According to the Twittersphere, today is Free Comic Book Day and it seems a heck of a lot of people are tweeting about it. I’ll admit that I’ve never been much of a comic book reader, aside from the Beano when I was a child, because hey! Who doesn’t love Beano? I used to keep my collection in an box I’d decorated with sticky back vinyl that had the world map printed on it. Minnie the Minx was my favourite character with Dennis the Menace a close second. I think the fact that Minnie had short hair like mine and liked scrambling around with the boys appealed to me. I spent most of my primary school days playing with lads …

If We Were Having Coffee

Do you like the photo? I’m not much of a photographer but I tided the whole kitchen just so I could take this photo with no clutter in the background. It’s not a big kitchen so tidying perhaps wasn’t the biggest chore, but I’m still quite chuffed with how the photo came out. The only downside is that despite my renewed efforts to start drinking green tea, I still hate the stuff. This week, once again, has been a pretty busy week. It’s not been as productive as I would have liked but I suppose the week isn’t over yet and I can pull more than a few positives from what I’ve achieved so far. Monday through to Friday has seen the first five of my guest posters make an appearance here at Writing and Works. They’ve been chatting about why poetry is important to them, who inspires them and how they started writing poetry in the first place. I’m hoping to run this daily feature until the end of the month since April is …