Once Upon A Twist #DVerseQuadrille

One sip

to poison a prince,

his teeth sunk

into forbidden fruit,

while one-true-love stands



the perfect good girl

all fairy-tales and smiles,


Drinks her own potion,

steps free

of skin

crafted from paperbound

volumes brittle with age.





Privilege Does Not Always Protect

Little girls are taught that boys being boys,

will torment to show their love.


Big girls will claim that love makes up

for bruises,

broken bones and split lips.


I am lucky not to have known that sort of that love.

I’ve never been struck

by someone claiming their heart beats for me

while echoing the beating with their fists.


When it happens to a man

they are reduced to the weaker sex,

because it’s bad enough when a woman

doesn’t have the balls to leave.


Without experiencing the same thing

I can’t say for certain,

but I’ve carried enough fear with me

to understand what it is to cling

to the things we know.



is a tricky word to stick

when most of us hide

the things dragging us down.