New Year

I thought I’d see in the new year with a couple of Tanka and a few Haikus:



These years pass quicker

than the ones I remember

dimmed in memory.


I resolve to write

more, better, with passion

just like every year.


I have failed some goals

yet exceeded in some ways

my expectations.


Approaching New Year…

I’ve high hopes for you and me,

not resolutions.



Here, it is raining

heavy against the window.

Close your eyes, listen.

This sound does not change with time,

this year, last and next… constant.


This year brought changes,

graduation, moving out,

engagement and mortgage plans.

This year I have dived straight in.

You, have kept me on my feet.

Hour Glass

More Haikus! (Sick of them yet?)

You tracked mud footsteps

across everything I own.

You said “this is spring.”


I kept Autumn close,

wrote to it with summer words-

not that winter knew.


Summer surprised us,

trust England not to expect

sunshine in July.