Haiku August 2/8/2014 – 4/8/2014

Summoned by thunder

tear back the curtains, press close

the show will explodes.



Heat brings in the haze,

draws it from the horizon

until the sky cracks.



Inking in the days

to count up the ones left blank

and fill them up too.

Yet More August Haikus! 11.08.2013

If I could listen

to the ghosts within the mist…

I might just go mad.


My wardrobe divide

does not account for seasons.

Cold? Just grin and bare.

More Haikus! (Sick of them yet?)

You tracked mud footsteps

across everything I own.

You said “this is spring.”


I kept Autumn close,

wrote to it with summer words-

not that winter knew.


Summer surprised us,

trust England not to expect

sunshine in July.