Trickle Down – Working On Writing During Lock-down

At the start of this year I was planning on which poetry events I wanted to go to in order to publicise my new collection ‘It’s All In The Blood‘. I managed a few local ones, and had a slot booked to perform at a Ludlow poetry night, right at the beginning of March. Then 2020 hit its stride in the UK.

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By The Nile

He left for Egypt with the last of the English summer tucked away in his suitcase. Alongside the photos he kept of her, on that garden swing her grandfather built, the honey suckle in full bloom at her back.

When the letters came. They were sun bleached and sand stained, creased and folded so many times that lines began to obscure the words he’d wrote.

‘we have found…

not long now…

united… together…

I will give you…


This was me experimenting with prose poetry and having a go at using an idea that I had a while ago but never really did much with. I may develop this piece more at a later date but until then I think I’m pretty happy with how it is.

While I have you here, I just want to say a massive thank you to all my new followers who have clicked that little follow button since the stat of April, it really means a lot to me and brightens my day endlessly when I see that someone else has enjoyed my writing.

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