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When I Say English And Pretend I Don’t Mean Weak #DVersePoets #OpenLinkNight

I’m very English sometimes, apologising to the stranger staggering by, shoulder swung into mine, sorry caught in the air with the dust cloud he trails. So I’ll repeat in case repetition makes up for distance, for an inability to find fire until much later on when I am a city or more away and still thinking about bone and muscle and a sharp snap of ‘move now!’ No please.


There is power in knowledge we say. Hands sunk into pages, curling under typography and quill scratch to drag out the secrets someone else left behind.   There is power in knowledge we say. Tapping at temples to indicate something more locked away under synapse and cell, a threat that the safety could easily be clicked off.   There is power in words we say, even ones unheard. Loose lips spill secrets, cost lives, loose wars… then again, clever ones can do just the same.

Summer Dig

The paddock is still pitted with the evidence of a nine-year-old’s attempt at archaeology. Eleven years later, bits of the broken crockery dug up hang about, next to the oil tank, the bbq, inside the shed, reminders of how we sifted through sand.   We were going to match time-team. Discover the half-complete ruins of an ancient civilisation’s round house. Even now the most that’s been found is one, dusty, bent up spoon Dad brought in with him to the house. For a while I wanted to be an archaeologist when I grew up, so The Overgrown Garden became a dig site for myself and my younger sister who I roped into help me with the shovel work. I’m still hugely interested in the past, something that comes across to anyone who’s had the unfortunate experience of starting up any conversation with me pertaining to medieval/early modern history. I did also want to be an architect for a while, until I realised that it would take seven years and even then I wouldn’t be designing …

Time to start fibbing.

Math? Hard, Hated, Couldn’t stand! All those equations! And the answers I couldn’t find! Yesterday I walked past the independent bookshop in my local town. I then doubled back and walked into the same bookshop, with the intent only to look and not to buy. My intent failed and I came out with two book, though I will defend my actions with the excuse that they were both on sale. The first was a book on how to throw the prefect tea party. I’m unsure when exactly I will be throwing this tea party, but I shall see. The second book is seeing slightly more action as I’m working my way through it with great joy. Sticky page markers have even been resurrected from the top drawer of my desk, bright pink and cheerfully reminding me where the most humorous passages are so far. Ben Macintyre has written a cracker of a book. Did you know that Humpty Dumpty isn’t just a nursery rhyme, it’s a true story? And a fib doesn’t have to be …

Drowning in a Drought

Even I’m starting to think that perhaps the country has gone a little doolally in the recent months. For those of you who are up to date on the English weather you will know that England is currently considered to be in a drought. For those of you who couldn’t give a toss about the English weather, you should, it’s a fantastic topic of conversation. Constant opportunities for a good gripe or moan, no matter what it’s like outside the window. My shoes are still drying on the radiator from the walk from my sixth form to my car this afternoon! Areas of Britain are actually under hosepipe bans, and I’m squelching my way down the streets of Newport with an umbrella that recently gave in to the perils of wind! (It broke.) At present I’m spending an annoyingly large amount of my time resembling a drown rat, and this is not a look that I wake up and think, hum… I quite fancy looking like that this morning. Where I go to school is …