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NaPoWriMo – Day Fifteen: Bluebeard’s Wife

It was not cold enough to keep her whole when Spring sprung anew to curdle her soul, so he wept just like the castle walls as they shed their sorrows at the thaw and the ice around her heart did melt as much as any love she’d ever felt when confronted with his face and gait so apposed to the words he’d carefully placed in letters crafted on cold summer nights in rooms empty of laughter, or of life. Now she lay among her sisters past, flowers sullied, bloomed all too fast, victim to the warming months where little for her condition could be done except to watch her cheeks give way, her skeleton to rise beneath layers of decay, and press his lips to white of her throat when all that remained was spinal column and bone. I might have gone a little off target with today’s NaPoWriMo prompt: “writing a poem in which a villain faces an unfortunate situation and is revealed to be human (but still evil)”. I’m not sure I managed …

NaPoWriMo – Day Eight: Troll Men

In the borderlands are wooden glens where troll men stump on hollow legs, and wait for the pretty faced prince to come with sword and horse in need of trophies to convince   some foreign king of his cause.   He’ll trade his sack of skulls for a wife he’s not yet met but been told of in fairy tales, in tavern songs and children’s rhymes. He knows her hair is gold, her lips ruby, eyes sapphire tongue silent to go with a quiet mind.   But he’ll do as princes do when winning princess from their father’s. He’ll forget to show kindness to the widow on the road for she is ugly, dirty, worthless, and the witch will curse his blindness and bless his wife not yet met with a tongue and lips not made of gems.   In the end he’ll find a queen, new upon her father’s throne without the need of troll remains or princes bearing their bones. She’ll return him to the forest glens where troll men stump on hollow …

Not Quite Prince Charming

Even ice has the decency to creak before it plunges you into frozen waters. Really, you should have started with ‘once upon a time’ rather than ‘Hi, my name’s Michael, I’ve just moved it across the hall, could I borrow your phone book?’ That introduction didn’t indicate the shit storm biting at your heels or the chaos coming my way after I decided that for once I was going to be a grown up and actually answer the door rather than hiding until the person on the other side went away. Fairy-tales are supposed to end with happy ever after. Daily Prompt: Suddenly I’ve just finished reading The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert so I decided to go with a hundred word, fairy-tale themed flash fiction for today’s daily prompt. If you want to read a longer piece then just click on the Long Reads¬†option in the menu above.