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Spider Fairies

Have you ever seen the Spider Fairies? No, I suppose you haven’t. They slink about about on winter mornings just before the frost has time to melt, spinning the frozen spiders’ silk into balls of yarn to take back to their hidden homes. There they weave window frames and doors. You see, only frozen spiders’ silk can hold magic properly, if a fairy enchants anything else the power ebbs away until all that is left is the ordinary. Spiders’ silk however holds onto magic and so they use it to make their homes. To keep the humans from peeping in.

Sleeping Beauty

The click of heels matched the leaking faucet. Scowling, Aurora wrenched the cold tap anti-clockwise and cursed as the drip continued to splattered into the sink below. “For fucks sake!” She turned her back on the traitorous sink. “Does anything in this flat work?” Boyfriend’s head remained slumped, the rest of him sprawled across the settee as commentators screamed over the rugby. Aurora glanced at her watch and then the suitcases by the door. The taxi was late. She turned her attention back to the boyfriend. “Dam.” she muttered, striding over and straightening his blankets. “You’re supposed to look asleep!”

Once Upon A Time

Watch for the cracks in the pavement, Watch for the monsters waiting below. At midnight they’ll rise from the darkness and slip through the gaps in the stone. So watch for the cracks in the pavement And keep your sword close at hand. Just because you’re no Prince Charming Doesn’t mean an escape from this fairy-tale land.