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Uncompromising does not mean unbreakable. Even the strongest machine has its fragile components. When they falter or buckle beneath pressure the whole thing will grind to a halt, until someone can come and sift through the metal, down to the root of the problem. But us, we cannot wait. There are too many mountains to climb for us to wait for our broken parts to be repaired by other people’s hands. Instead we have to carry them with us or learn the best way to tape ourselves together so that we hold just long enough to make it to the other side or past that ceiling that keeps the sun from coming in and us from breaking out. Uncompromising does not mean unbreakable, it means we will put ourselves back together, return to our feet and carry on forward no matter how many times we are shattered or forced to the ground. It means that though you may not be listening, we will certainly be heard. Daily Post: Uncompromising¬†