Doodling Again

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For some reason hands and eyes are the hardest bits for me to draw when drawing people. I’m okayish when doing simpler drawings like the first one in this slideshow, but get to drawings where there is an actual face involved, or better yet, an angled face, I’m screwed. Have you noticed that the woman’s hand is hidden?

You do not want to know how many times I had to redraw this image before I managed to get the eyes mostly in line. I’ve also found that upon cropping, disproportionate features look even more so!

Anyway, the only way to get around this is for me to keep practising, which is what I’m doing. So I’ll keep drawing and writing and screaming at wonky eyes and writers block because apparently that is what happens to people when they decide to take a creative route as a serious option for what they want to do with their lives.

Let me know that I’m not alone. Tell me about your creative tantrums below. Go on! Vent!

Attempting To Draw – Again

Headquarters relaunches at the end of October so I thought it might be a good idea if I got my pens and pencil out and had a go at drawing my characters for myself.

This means that I actually have to learn how to draw original figures properly.

So I did what I always do and I bought a book and what you can see below is my attempt to follow their instructions on how to actually draw the human body in certain positions. I changed the hair and the clothing to try and make the figure look more like on of my characters and I went off course in a few places because I couldn’t do it the way it was shown on the page.

Now if I can just get the hand of this tablet thing I might even be able to add some glossy colour to these drawings. I’ll let you know if I manage it. So far now here is the pencil design and the pen outline.

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Fighter Girl

Fighter Girl

Bought myself some new water colour pencils the other day so I thought I’d test them out aswell as improving on my drawing skills.

Credits to Christopher Hart for his character design and his book ‘Managa for the Beginner’